5 ways to experience winter in the Hub

Welcome to the Adirondack Hub, your new basecamp for winter fun! From the snow-capped mountains to frozen lakes, the scenic beauty of this winter wonderland is only matched by the joyful hospitality found in the quaint towns of Newcomb, North Hudson, Minerva, and Schroon Lake. Don’t let a little cold weather slow you down; there is plenty to do to keep warm. Head outdoors to ski, snowshoe, ice fish, or snowmobile. Afterward, relax by a cozy fire, sip on a warm drink, and start planning another trip to the Adirondack Hub, the gateway to your next adventure.

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Get your snowshoe on this winter! This is by far one of the coolest ways to experience the snow-covered landscape. From mellow, picturesque walks to more demanding wilderness adventures, there is something here for everyone. Of course, these hikes are beautiful year-round, but there is something magical about them in winter. As you walk through the quiet woods, maybe you’ll see an animal or some interesting tracks. If snowshoeing itself wasn’t enough, nothing beats a post-hike beer. Head over to Paradox Brewery in North Hudson as the perfect ending to any snowshoe hike.

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Ice fishing

Sitting on a frozen, cold lake, out in the elements may not be your cup of hot chocolate, but trust us, the ice fishing community is alive and well on Schroon Lake, and good spirits keep these anglers warm all winter through! A lot of people may think ice fishing is just standing around a hole, waiting for something to happen, but part of the fun is in the mystery: you never know what is going to come up through the ice. It could be a record setting pike! For many, this is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

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Winter hiking prep

The Adirondacks are known for big mountains, and the High Peaks are some of the biggest in the Northeast. But with big mountains comes big preparations, especially in winter. With the right amount of research and gear, a hike in the High Peaks can be very rewarding! In the Adirondack Hub is the southern access to the High Peaks Wilderness. From here, you’ll be able to climb Mount Marcy, the tallest mountain in the state, and many others. The views will make it seem like you’re in a snowglobe on top of the world.

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Cross-country skiing

When the temperatures cool down, skiing season heats up! Glide or skate down perfect, snowy trails to remote, backcountry destinations or around the lake at the interpretive center in Newcomb. Either way, you’ll have a great time. It won’t even feel like working out! Skiers will especially relish the opportunity to visit a historic Great Camp in winter. Hey, people have been cross-country skiing for hundreds of years. It must be fun, right? Pack up your skis and poles and head to the Adirondack Hub this winter!

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With miles and miles of winding snow-covered trails, the Adirondack Hub is THE place to snowmobile this winter. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone around. They’ll say the Hub is filled with cool snow and warm welcomes. Travel alongside winter forests, frozen rivers, and through attractive trail-side communities. You know the saying “all roads lead to Rome”? Well, as it turns out, all snowmobile trails lead to Minerva. Hop on your sled and cruise to Sporty’s Iron Duke Saloon. It’s a wild ride here in the Adirondack Hub, but it’s all part of the fun!

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Start planning your Adirondack Hub trip today! Winter fun awaits.