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Nestled away amongst the towns of Newcomb, Minerva, North Hudson, and Schroon Lake, the Adirondack Hub is the ideal winter getaway you should take this season, and here's why!  

1. Outdoor Lovers Paradise!

The Adirondack Hub is an outdoor lover's paradise, offering a range of wintery activities perfect for all adventurers. Whether you're an avid cross-country skier seeking the thrill of gliding through wilderness areas or a nature enthusiast looking to snowshoe your way around the lakeside, this region has you covered. Both the Hoffman Notch Wilderness and Pharoh Lake Wilderness offer a wide variety of winter activities sure to fill your time!  With beautiful landscapes and abundant snowfall, the Adirondack Hub serves as the perfect base camp for all your winter adventures. It's a place where the possibilities are as vast as the wilderness itself, and where the call of the great outdoors is answered with open arms, ensuring that every winter outing is a memorable one.

pizza and beer

2. Adirondack Cuisine to Die for!

Dining in the Adirondack Hub is sure to satisfy any craving!  With its picturesque location overlooking the stunning Lake Harris, the Lake Harris Lodge in Newcomb provides a perfect setting for savoring Adirondack cuisine that's both hearty and heartwarming. After a day of winter adventures, the Paradox Brewery in North Hudson is the ideal stop, where you can indulge in crafted brews and wood-fired pizzas that just hit the spot. Schroon Lake boasts a variety of restaurants to choose from, each offering its unique charm. Sticks and Stones delivers a quintessential Adirondack dining experience, while Pitkins on Main Street is your go-to spot for a mouthwatering breakfast. For a special treat, the Lodge at Schroon Lake welcomes the public to its Brown Swan restaurant, conveniently located on the property. Whether you're looking for a post-adventure refuel or a romantic dinner with a view, the Adirondack Hub has you covered!

Lodge at Schroon Lake entrance

3. The Perfect Wintery Lodge for your base camp! 

Beginning your day at the Lodge at Schroon Lake is the perfect way to embark on a wintery adventure. This recently rehabbed gem in the Schroon Lake area provides everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Nestled amid the snowy landscape of the lake, the Lodge offers a cozy space that's perfect for creating cherished memories. And for all our downhill skiers and snowboarders, the Lodge at Schroon Lake is a convenient distance from Gore Mountain and will even be offering a shuttle for guests! Whether you're seeking relaxation by a crackling fireplace, breathtaking views of the wintry wonderland, or easy access to outdoor activities, this lodge has it all.

Skiers heading past a sign

4. Peace and Quiet, no one else is around!

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Adirondack Hub is the opportunity it provides for solitude amidst its vast wilderness. With its extensive network of trails that wind their way over thousands of miles, you'll find yourself in the position of having the unspoiled beauty of nature all to yourself. Who could complain? Whether you're traversing a snow-covered path on a winter morning or exploring the rugged terrain during the quieter seasons, the Adirondack Hub offers a unique chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in a world where it's just you and nature. 

picture of gentleman driving with mountains in the back ground

5. Conveniently Located 

Nestled directly off the Adirondack Northway, the Hub is a remarkably convenient destination for those in search of the ultimate winter adventure. Its prime location makes it the perfect starting point or stopping place for your outdoor escapades. Just looking for a day trip to get away? No problem! Whether you're a seasoned explorer looking to hit the trails or a winter enthusiast seeking new adventures the Hub ensures you're never far from your next great adventure. 

So, make the Adirondack Hub your next stop this winter! We promise you won't regret it!