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Bring your skis to the Adirondack Hub — you won’t be sorry!

The Adirondack Hub's hiking trails transform into tremendous backcountry ski trails in the winter. There are hundreds of miles of path to set tracks on, and since a lot of our trails are part of large trail networks, there are plenty of options for short out-and-backs or full-day excursions. 

The 46,283-acre Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, located just north of Schroon Lake, is truly wild. There are quite a few parking areas to choose from, with each offering access to dozens of miles of trails. Several lean-tos sit on Pharaoh Lake and in the wilderness area, granting skiers the chance to rest tired legs for a while, or even make plans for a winter camping adventure. 

The Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area has a scenic, 7.4-mile long trail that can be thru-skied by parking one car at the south trailhead and another at the north trailhead, or skiers can simply ski into the notch and turn back when they’re ready.

Anyone looking for a shorter experience should check out the Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb. The trails aren’t groomed, but the terrain is easy and the 3.6-mile network makes it doable to explore in an afternoon. Another accessible, more frontcountry option is to ski part or all of the road into Camp Santanoni in Newcomb. They have the popular Winter Weekends at Camp Santanoni, where unprecedented winter access to the historical preserved buildings is granted, making for a well-rounded adventure for both the beginner and experienced skier. 

Leave No Trace and Love Your ADK

The magic of the Adirondacks is the result of previous generations taking a long view and protecting the mountains, lakes, and rivers within the Blue Line. That tradition continues today as we support and encourage everyone to practice Leave No Trace ethics, which help protect the lands and waters of the Adirondacks.

In winter, it is especially important to come prepared and practice ways to Love Your ADK; the best way to avoid emergencies is to properly plan and prepare for your trip.

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