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When it comes to spending quality time with family, there's no better place to do it than in the Adirondack Hub. This region offers a wide range of family-friendly activities throughout the year!

During the warmer months, the Adirondack Hub has beautiful beaches perfect for swimming and relaxation. Sandy shores provide an ideal spot for families to play, build sandcastles, and dip into crystal-clear waters. From kayaking and paddleboarding to boating and fishing, there are plenty of options to explore and create lasting memories. What better way to end a day at the beach than stopping at any one of the local ice cream stands for a sweet treat?

Looking to spend a little more time outdoors? Pitch a tent, set up a campfire, and share stories under the starry sky to create the perfect memories for you and your family. The Adirondack Hub provides the perfect campgrounds for these cherished moments.

Where is this gem?

The Adirondack Hub spans the regions of Minerva, Newcomb, North Hudson, and Schroon Lake in the Adirondack Park. Here you'll find miles and miles of hiking trails, sprawling lakes, and ample opportunity to get out into the wild for plenty of family-friendly adventures! When you're not exploring the trails, come back to town for shopping, dining, and some much-needed relaxation. 

A woman walks a hiking trail with her two sons.A large family rides in a pontoon boat on the lake.A family of four walks down main street of Schroon Lake.A family tends a campfire during the day.


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