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Ice fishing in the Hub 

Across the Adirondack Hub, you’ll find quiet snow-covered forests cut open by vast wide-open flat spaces… wait, those are lakes! While our favorite paddle paradises freeze over for winter, they transform into havens for hard-water fishing, or ice fishing. Villages of shanties and tents cover many icy surfaces, making homes away from home for fishermen and women looking for the perfect bite. While the fishing is prime and it's oh-so-tempting to just stake out and wait to fill your cooler, there’s so much more to each region, from thrilling wintry attractions to cozy corners with flavors that make you forget the icy temps. 

A man in snowgear waves at the camera while another drills into the ice of a frozen lake.
Lake Harris 

Lake Harris is an expansive lake in Newcomb, bringing premier fishing to your next outing. Framed by the nearby High Peaks, you’ll be transported to a quiet oasis of snow and ice, with just the sounds of nearby wildlife to keep you company. In terms of fishing, you won’t leave empty-handed. The lake proudly supports a self-sustaining population of walleye after being experimentally stocked from 2004 until 2008. Other species you should keep an eye out for? Northern pike and yellow perch!

A man shows a fishing lure to kids on the ice next to an ice fishing hole.

Off the ice

Away from the lake, and just down the road, take an outdoor walk through a classic Adirondack Great Camp - Great Camp Santanoni. The camp is the only publicly-owned Great Camp in the Adirondacks and boasts 13,000 acres of natural forest, farmhouses, cabins, and main lodge. The road to the camp in winter is only accessible via snowshoes and cross-country skis, so come prepared! 

Skis stick up out of the snow in front of a snow-covered lodge.

Lake Harris Lodge

A few steps off the lake (literally) the Lake Harris Lodge blends cozy dining with exquisite service, serving a menu matching multiple palettes. Take your fishing pals into the bar room, or sit down at a table for a multi-course celebration of a day on the ice. Choose from starters like the Lake Harris Lodge Cheesy Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, or their selection of wings. Moving on to your main course, find options like the Seafood Ala Vodka, Chicken Sorrento, or the Open Face NY Strip Sandwich. 

a table at a restaurant filled with colorful dishes for dinner.

Minerva Lake

The smaller lake on this list, Minerva Lake is just as mighty as its neighbors! What it lacks in miles, it makes up for in quality and quantity of fish! While you cast, you’ll find Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye, to name a few. With a few quaint islands at its center, you’ll be set off in your private ice fishing escape as you wait for your catch to arrive. 

Two people look into a hole in the ice as they set up their ice fishing gear.

Off the ice

Roughly a 20-minute drive away lies one of the biggest ski mountains in Upstate New York. Gore Mountain - sister location to Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington - offers 25 miles of downhill skiing, spanning 108 trails, 14 lifts, and a 2537′ vertical. With 4 peaks making up the mountain, you’ll find the perfect trail, from easy-going greens to double black diamonds for adrenaline junkies. Head into the lodge when you’re done for some fireside hot cocoa or stop into the Tannery Restaurant for a complete refresh. 

A skier speeds down a mountain on a sunny day in winter.

Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon

Looking for possibly the coolest bar in the region? Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon will transport you into a world filled with Harley Davidson memorabilia, antiques, and a bar stocked with your favorite brews after a day in the chilly temps. Their patrons rave about the grilled cheeseburger, or the "huge" turkey club, among the tasty comfort foods to choose from. When you're not feasting, feast your eyes on their extensive motorcycle collection!

A group of men sit at a fully stocked rustic bar.

Schroon Lake 

No stranger to hard water, Schroon Lake is home to one of the longest-running, classic ice fishing events in the Adirondacks. With 9 miles of ice to cover, you’ll have plenty of space to set up camp and get to fishing! Speaking of camps, when you get a glimpse of the lake, you may be surprised to find little villages of shacks and shanties sprawled across the ice, that’s just how good the bounty is here. Keep your eyes peeled for Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Smelt, Northern Pike, Black Crappie, Brown Bullhead, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, and Yellow Perch.

A man walks a sled of gear away from his ice fishing huts.

Off the ice

After or around your fishing trip, experience something unique to Schroon Lake and the wild scenery here. Tucked away in a hidden corner of the region lies Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, an opportunity to explore an elaborate system of underground caves and natural stone structures that take you deeper into the Adirondacks' wild history. In winter, visitors have access via snowshoes only. You’ll get to see how the ice and snow react over the unique terrain, and explore over 14 miles of trails, including walks along the river, sinkholes, ledges, and even two mountain tops.

A green sign with the silhouette of hikers walking into a cave.

Sticks & Stones Wood Fired Bistro & Bar

If you’ve left the lake looking like an abominable snowman, we know you need a hot meal near a fireplace, stat! Sticks and Stones Wood-Fired Bistro and Bar will have you thawing out in no time, with a savory treat for your tastebuds to boot. Their menu covers all the bases for a perfect winter meal. Order the French onion soup (going first because I’m extremely biased), wings, or blackened beef tips to start you off. For the main event, choose from the pretzel burger, Cajun pasta, chicken parmesan, or their 12. Oz New York Strip. It wouldn’t be a wood-fired establishment without pizza, so build your own or order one of their specialty pies. 

A family of three cheerses in a restaurant with wood interior.

Come for the fish, stay for the towns

Wherever you cast a line in the Adirondack Hub, you’ll find that the region is brimming with prime hard-water fishing, from our sprawling lakes to quaint secret hideaways, you’ll get your day’s worth of catches in no time. While you’re off the lake, experience everything each town has to offer within minutes. 

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