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As winter surrounds the Adirondack Hub in a layer of fresh and fluffy snow, it's the perfect time to gather your loved ones and immerse yourself in the season's magic. This winter, create memories that will last a lifetime by exploring the various family-friendly activities the Adirondack Hub has to offer. Unleash your inner child and embrace the joy of winter with these delightful experiences.

Ice skating adventures:

Bring the family to any of the town's skating rinks and enjoy a picture-perfect winter activity. Glide gracefully across the glistening ice on some of the Adirondack Hub's charming ice skating rinks. Regardless of age or ability,  these rinks provide the perfect setting for family fun. Explore the ice skating rinks in Minerva, Newcomb, and Schroon Lake, where laughter and the crisp winter air combine to create an unforgettable experience. As the ice freezes on the lake, look for the Town of Minerva to have a section of Minerva Lake cleared off by Donnelly Beach for people to skate on! No skates? No problem! At the Town of Newcomb ice skating rink, skates are available for free for anyone who might need them! 

people skating around

Sledding thrills:

For a fun day of sledding, head to the sledding hills in Newcomb and Minerva. Feel the rush as you race down the hills, surrounded by the winter landscape. These sledding hills offer a perfect blend of excitement and snowy scenery, making them ideal for a family adventure filled with laughter and joy. Bonus you won't have to travel too far from the skating rink since they are located right next to each other! 

Kid sledding down the hill

Newcomb Ski Slope:

Take your winter escapades to new heights at the Newcomb Ski Slope. Featured in the latest article by Forbes!!!  Whether you're a seasoned skier or a first-timer, the slopes of Newcomb provide an opportunity for family members of all skill levels to enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing or snowboarding. Plus it's free. If you don’t feel comfortable skiing or snowboarding, bring your toboggan or sled and ride down the snowy slope. 

Boy sledding

Hot chocolate havens:

After a day of winter activities, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and indulge in sweet treats at some of the best spots in the Adirondack Hub. Visit Newcomb Cafe and Campground, the Lodge at Schroon Lake, Pitkins, or Lake Harris Lodge for a cozy and delightful post-adventure treat. Share stories of your winter escapades over steaming mugs of hot chocolate, creating a perfect ending to your day of family fun.

Hot cocoa from the Lake Harris Lodge

Escape to the Adirondack Hub this winter for a family adventure like no other. From gliding on ice skates to racing down sledding hills and conquering the slopes, there's something for everyone in this winter wonderland. The Adirondack Hub awaits, ready to be your family's snowy playground this winter.