Cross-Country Skiing

From the trailhead you will pass by the gate and start a wonderful ski over groomed terrain. This road gets a ton of winter use by skiers and snowshoers, so expect it to be a fast ski, especially on the sparse and moderate downhills. In a short amount of time, after an easy uphill ski, you will come to the milk stables and some old farm houses that are being restored. From here you will be skiing mostly uphill but on a very easy grade, at times hardly noticeable and seemingly flat.

Just prior to the crossing of the bridge at Newcomb Lake there is a slight downhill, but that is the extent of the thrills you will have in that regard. The camp itself is a wonderful place, a dream home for many, I am sure.

Elevation Gain/Loss to Destination

320’ gain to height-of-land

Distance Round Trip

9.0 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip

Families with Kids:    4 to 5 hours

Experienced Skiers:    3 to 4 hours

Beginner Skiers:        3.5 to 4.5 hours


From I-87, take Exit 29 and then head west along Blue Ridge Road toward Newcomb. Continue to Route 28N in Newcomb and head right into the village. Pass almost entirely through the village and locate the Newcomb Lake Road on the right; there will be a DEC sign for Camp Santanoni. Drive this road to its end at the magnificent gatehouse and parking.   

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest

Two: This is easy to moderate trail with only the slightest elevation change.

Find out more

There are three Camp Santanoni Winter Weekend events held annually, where there are tours and treats. These are popular events.

Read our blog post, Ski into the Past at Great Camp Santanoni.

The Gate Lodge Complex where a stone gate lodge, boat house and frame guide house remain.

This was the carriage road, now with no motorized vehicles allowed.

It is a five mile ski to the shores of Newcomb Lake and the Great Camp.

Bring friends and meet new ones at a Camp Santanoni Winter Weekend.