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Walk through quiet, scenic forests and along the river.

Getting there

From exit 28 in Schroon Lake follow I-87 north for one exit to the North Hudson exit #29. From here follow Boreas Road west toward Newcomb. Continue all the way to Newcomb and Route 28N. Take a left onto 28N and continue for just under 6.75-miles to the trail on the right.  


This is the southern approach to Hewitt Eddy and is a mellow and lovely 0.8 mile hike. Only a very small rise over a hogback will be in front of you. A trail continues past the eddy and becomes what is known as the Boreas River Trail. With two cars or a 0.75 mile road walk you could use both trails for an extended hike.   

  • Distance Round Trip: 0.8 miles


The hard part about this trail is finding a good place to park. If the snow banks are pushed back it’s not too bad, but otherwise you may have to consider using the Bores River Trail to access Hewitt Eddy. The trail is short and seldom used, but if you want to experience breaking trail this would be a good place to start. At just over 0.8 miles to Hewitt Eddy it’s not a demanding process. 

Accessibility Information