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Stony Pond Trail

Stony Pond Trail is part of an intricate network of pond trails in the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest. The pond itself is 1.8 miles from the trailhead. There it intersects with the Hewitt Pond Trail.

A lean-to near the shore of Stony Pond provides views of Green Mountain. The trail continues for just over a mile more along the shores of Little Sherman Pond and Big Sherman Pond to the southern shore of Big Sherman Pond.

How to get there

Take Exit 29 off of Interstate 87 and follow Boreas Road west toward Newcomb. Continue to Route 28N, take a left and head toward Minerva. Continue for just under 10.5 miles to the trailhead on the left.


From the trailhead the path climbs slightly before descending to a new bridge overlooking a wetland. As you approach Stony Pond you will have a beautiful brook babbling to your left with small cascades that produce a wonderful sound.

To continue on to Center Pond, take a left at the picnic table and cross the outlet. The trail here continues through a lush forest over rolling terrain to an even lovelier backcountry pond. There is a 0.2-mile spur to Center Pond. Continuing straight leads to the Hewitt Pond Road trailhead, 3.1 miles away. 

  • Elevation gain one way: 360 feet
  • Distance to the end of Big Sherman Pond: 2.8 miles


There is a lean-to and a picnic table at the pond, which offers views of Green Mountain.

Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

This is a good length for a pretty snowshoe that can be completed in a day. The trail continues as a designated snowmobile trail only beyond the ponds, as it crosses private lands.


This is a great trail which winds through Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest. Around Stony Pond, Big and Little Sherman, and the Brook Falls Yurts.

Ungroomed, backcountry, trail.

Lean-to at Stony Pond, great lunch destination. Services in Minerva.

Fourteenth Road Trail

This abandoned road is approximately six miles to the end. The cable gate marks the end of state land, and is your signal to turn around. Also known as Deer Creek Trail.

From Route 28N turn west onto Fourteenth Road at Minerva's 4-way intersection. Bear right at fork, over bridge at Deer Creek, and follow the jeep road with a gradual descent.

Cheney Pond Trail

A long, straight trail alongside the Hoffman Notch Wilderness. Borders Minerva Stream, heads north to Cheney Pond along Lester Flow, then ends at Blue Ridge Road. Also known as the Irishtown Snowmobile Trail.


This is an ungroomed, backcountry trail. Be aware that there is no bridge over the Boreas River near the southern end of the trail.

Services in Newcomb and Schroon Lake.

Newcomb to Long Lake

This 14 mile groomed trail joins two great destinations, and only crosses the highway, once. Also known as Trail C8B.

Miles of groomed trails, high altitude for good snow cover, and breathtaking scenery makes Newcomb a popular snowmobiling destination.

Services in Newcomb & Long Lake.

Newcomb to Indian Lake

This recently completed, 14 mile, trail traverses deeply wooded areas in the heart of the Central Adirondacks. Also known as Trail 538.

Miles of groomed trails, high altitude for good snow cover, and breathtaking scenery makes Newcomb a popular snowmobiling destination.

Parking at Newcomb House. Services in Newcomb & Indian Lake.

Schroon Lake Trail Two

This trail connects on both ends to Trail 1. It is very hilly and has many dips and turns. The southern end of this trail is Drakes Pond, a small beaver-enlarged pond.

You can generally cross the pond, conditions permitting, or backtrack to ride around it, but beware of the short, steep hills in this section. At intersection 8, you can take Trail 4 back to Trail 1.

Photo courtesy Schroon Lake-North Hudson Snowmobile Club.

Schroon Lake Trail Four

This trail connects to Trail 1 and intersects With Trail 2 at Drake's Pond and has a large snowmobile parking area.

The trail travels along a small cliff that overlooks the outlet of the beaver pond and into the Seagle Music Colony before crossing Charley Hill Road and meeting with Trail One near Horseshoe Pond.

Photo courtesy Schroon Lake-North Hudson Snowmobile Club.

Schroon Lake Trail Five

Trail 5, opened in 2001 with a newly constructed bridge, is easily reached from the Town Garage/Golf Course parking lot. Ride the access trail on the north side of Hoffman Road near the Highway Department sand pile slowly, because this is a driveway. Once in the abandoned sand pits, the trail bears to the left.

The main trail travels through the sand pits and up a long, fairly steep hill before turning back across Hoffman Road. It will then pass near the new town water tower before returning you to Trail 1.

If conditions permit you can travel to the right and access two non-maintained trails; the first will take you through the tunnels under the Northway to the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club. There is a small bridge on the right and the Club is visible across it. The second is a dead end that parallels the Northway for approximately 1.5 miles.

Photo courtesy Schroon Lake-North Hudson Snowmobile Club.


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