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Outdoor adventures within reach

If you’ve waited all year saving your way to cross a few choice destinations off your travel list this year, we’re right there with you. We’ve been dreaming up log cabin stays, hearty breakfasts in the morning before a day out on the trails, cozy campfires to sing songs around at night . . . ok, maybe a little too dreamy. But luckily, the Adirondack Hub can make those dreams a reality! A certified outdoor-enthusiast’s paradise, the Hub is littered with adventures to be had. Carved by towering Adirondack High Peaks, the region boasts opportunities for thrills at every corner. The cherry on top? It’s flexible enough to fit your budget! If you're a traveler with a passion for adventure but also an eye for a good deal, you've come to the right place. 

A man and woman sit on the front porch of a yurt with a young boy.


Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks Campground

Tucked deep in the backcountry, it's no wonder that state and private campgrounds can be found in every nook and cranny of the Adirondack Hub. Nostalgic stays can be found by lakes and rivers, and at the base of High Peaks, ensuring you’ll find the perfect place to set up camp and make your home for the weekend, or week! Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks Campground brings all avenues of campers to one place. Glampers can set up shop in their yurts— yes, you heard that right — the campground houses a number of canvas yurts around the property, perfect for couples, or families looking to rent out two at a time! The camping resort has a complete package of amenities at your fingertips. An outdoor swimming pool, spa, sandy beach, boat rentals, fishing, eighteen hole mini-golf, gift/souvenir shop, snack shop, mini mart and game room are among the opportunities available when you’re not out adventuring on the trails.

A man and woman have lunch with a young boy with a truck camper in the background.

Loon Cabins at Schroon Lake

Looking for your own cabin to cozy up in as you plan out your adventures? The Adirondack Hub is home to a quaint collection of cabins scattered across the region. Choose from cabins that lead right to the trails, on the lake, or just a short walk from charming downtowns. For a stay with classic Adirondack charm and within your budget, Loon Cabins at Schroon Lake is ready to book. A collection of three small cabins, this is the perfect opportunity to snag your other outdoorsy buddies and reserve all three for a stay filled with sweet cabin memories. Originally built in 1945 as part of the Rawlins Cabins and Cottages, the Loon Cabins have since been updated with modern amenities, however, designed to maintain their vintage vibes. The cabins are perfect for diving into your fantasy of roughing it Adirondack style, without roughing it at all. 

A logo with a white cabin amidst trees with the title: "Loon Cabins."

Blue Ridge Motel

The Blue Ridge Motel is situated in one of the most convenient spots in the Adirondacks. Situated in between the delightful downtown of Schroon Lake, and the extensive trail systems of North Hudson, hop between Main Street shopping and backcountry exploring. For over sixty eight years, the Blue Ridge Motel has served as a popular overnight destination for vacationing guests. Purchased in December 2019 by Blue Ridge Hospitality, LLC, a woman-owned business, the motel has been hard at work on extensive reservations, offering their guests many modern comforts. In addition to room renovations, the lobby was also refurbished allowing the motel to offer complimentary continental breakfast and a small gift shop!  

A blue colored motel in front of a treeline.

Breakfast? Coming right up!

Newcomb Cafe and Campground

Located just steps away from your favorite trails, the adorable (and equally delicious) Newcomb Cafe will satisfy your cravings for fluffy pancakes, french toast, and breakfast platters. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast after a morning of hiking, their lunch menu is just as appetizing, and brings the comforts of home cooked meals right to your table. The cafe is within walking distance of the Newcomb Town Beach and boat launch on Lake Harris, and within a five minute drive of the Hudson River, Essex Chain Lakes, and Camp Santanoni – the perfect place to start your day!

An overhead shot of a man and woman sharing mutliple plates of breakfast food at a cafe.

Pitkin’s Restaurant 

Established in 1907, Pitkin’s Restaurant has been serving for over a hundred years as a true dining landmark nestled in the picturesque hamlet of Schroon Lake. Needless to say, the restaurant has casual dining and quality menu choices down pat after all this time, set within a restored and authentic Adirondack restaurant. And, after a hundred years, their prices can be relied on to serve up affordable meals for your adventurous party of two to ten. Their self-proclaimed “modern rustic” style, new patio and event spaces, and broad menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner will have you craving for more and booking your next meal to make Pitkin’s a part of your Adirondack traditions. 

A woman laughs with her friend while eating a sandwich on a restaurant patio.

What to do

Guided rafting trip down the Hudson with CloudSplitter Outfitters

We did say the Adirondack Hub was full of adventures didn’t we? CloudSplitter Outfitters is the closest outfitter to the start of the Hudson River, where you can consult with guides before the start of your next trip downriver, or enlist their services to aid you in exploring one of the main waterways of New York. The company offers rentals from standup paddle boards to kayaks and canoes. For your journey on the Hudson, you can even rent rafts to float downriver, with the guidance from your guide of course. The Hudson can go from calm waters to roaring rapids quickly, and guides know the best places to put in and take out, leaving all the stress at the river bank. Go in on a group experience, or enjoy a tour of the region with just you and a guide.

A group of people in lifejackets float down river on rafts on the Hudson.

A day at the beach 

There are few joys to be had better than rounding out a stay in the Hub with a day on one of the many lakes around. The local town beach is the perfect location for a calm outing. Each of the four towns in the Adirondack Hub — Newcomb, North Hudson, Minerva, and Schroon Lake — have great beaches, where you can enjoy some time in the sun and water! All of the beaches offer the chance to cool off and relax in an authentic Adirondack lake, surrounded by great views of forests and mountains. When you visit, you'll enjoy the magic of a day at a beautiful Adirondack beach, with sand, sun, and great fresh water.

A white beach on the shore of a lake with ropes to guard off swimming.

Save on outdoor memories

No matter where you go in the Adirondack Hub, you’ll be able to find the perfect stay, adventures, and relaxation without having to break the bank. For an escape filled with thrills and outdoor fun set deep in the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, book your next stay in the Adirondack Hub.

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