An adventurous summer awaits 

You're probably asking yourself, "What the heck is the Adirondack Hub and why should I go there in summer?" To orient you, the Adirondack Hub is made up of the communities of Minerva, NewcombNorth Hudson, and Schroon Lake. It's a place where close-knit communities coexist alongside the wild lands where epic adventures can be had. The Adirondacks' wild heart is here, and you can be, too!

We know, we know. Summer is all about soaking up all the time outdoors you can, whether that be visiting your annual campsite or trying something new and exciting. A "hub" is a center of activity, and the Adirondack Hub is no different. The Adirondack Hub is a basecamp, a gateway to epic, beautiful, and unique adventures that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are canoes and peaceful lakes, boots and hiking trails, gravel roads made for riding, and lots and lots of camping opportunities. Does that sound good to you? It sounds good to us! After a long winter, it's time to dust off gear and backpacks and head to the Adirondack Hub, where your next adventure awaits.

The Adirondack Hub is ... summer adventure

Unsure where to start? Check out our list of some activities below:


Hiking has been a staple of Adirondack vacations for a long time. From mellow woods trails to rugged mountains, there are hiking trails in the Adirondack Hub for all ages and abilities. Kids will have fun exploring the gentle, educational trails at the Adirondack Interpretive Center, while more experienced hikers can push themselves on the challenging trail up Mount Adams or travel deep into one of the region's wildernesses. We love hiking, and we're sure you do, too! Please remember while out on the trail to practice responsible recreation and Love Your ADK. Love Your ADK is a pledge, a commitment to support the messages and values of Leave No Trace.

Gravel biking

Want to experience the Adirondack Hub on two wheels? Yes? That's awesome! The roads here are low-traffic, winding, and full of scenic distractions (don't forget to pack your camera). But the real fun begins when you veer off the main roads and take to the gravel and dirts pathways through the forests. One excellent place to take a mountain bike is the Essex Chain. Here, over 20-miles of dirt roads form a unique network alongside lakes, over bridges, and to mountain views. What makes this area so special is that you can combine multiple activities in the Essex Chain: camping, biking, fishing, paddling, birding, you name it!


If you like wilderness paddling, then the Adirondack Hub is the place to be! You've heard of the Hudson River, right? Yeah, the Hudson River. The one that flows out into the ocean in New York City. Well, that very same river starts its journey high in the High Peaks and slowly makes it way down the hills of the Adirondack Hub. The headwaters of the Hudson and Opalescent rivers are really amazing, and should be on every paddler's bucket list. It's not all river paddling here, though. The Hub is dotted with tons of quiet ponds waiting to be explored. Some places have only recently been opened to the public, and are the best kept paddling secrets in the Adirondacks!


Maybe you've stayed in a 5-star hotel, but how about lodging with a five-million star rating? Camping in the Adirondack Hub is, honestly, where it's at. Whether you're at a campground or want to hike miles into the woods to remote campsites, you'll sleep peacefully under the night sky. You won't need sound machines to drift off to sleep out here. Let the frogs and owls sing you to sleep. Ever slept in a lean-to? Now is your chance! There are over 140 different lean-tos in the Adirondacks. There is nothing more authentically Adirondack than camping, and we promise, a camping trip is sure to generate lots more stories to tell around your next campfire.

Explore the wilderness

The Adirondack Hub is full of wild places to explore, where man is just a visitor and nature reigns supreme. That is the very definition of wilderness. There are three designated wildernesses in the Adirondack Hub: the High Peaks Wilderness, the Hoffman Notch Wilderness, and the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Each offers a different perspective on wild areas. If wilderness sounds big, rugged, and, frankly, a little scary, don't worry! There are opportunities for all abilities. Not only is the natural history of these wildernesses meaningful, but the human connection is also profound. Recently, Open Space Institute has opened an interpretive trail near the Upper Works trailhead that shares the incredible relationship between humans and wild places.


Start planning

If you're ready for your next outdoor adventure, start planning a trip to the Adirondack Hub today!