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Schroon Lake has lots of interesting little shops full of fun stuff. In addition to their charming downtown, take to the backroads for even more unique shopping experiences!
Whether you are outfitting your lake house, or looking for that special souvenir keepsake, our local shops have some delightful choices.

The events

The Schroon Lake Arts and Crafts Fair is one of the finest craft shows in the Adirondacks, with over 100 vendors. It takes place in late July in the town's lovely park on the shores of Schroon Lake.

The Schroon Lake Association has been working since 1911 to responsibly manage the lake. The craft fair is one of their fund raisers.
Yes, there will be Kettle Corn. In case you were wondering.

In Newcomb, there is a craft fair as part of Newcomb Day, with all kinds of fun activities. The fair is set up in their beautiful Overlook Park, with a view of the mountains, on the first Sunday of August. This is a celebration of all of Newcomb's residents, past and present, close or distant… anyone with connections to Newcomb.
Soak up the welcoming hometown atmosphere and the scents from the catering trucks.I also like the quilt raffles. The ones displayed are works of art.

Many delightful crafts, goodies, and like-minded people are abundant on these festive days. Check our events calendar to time your visit just right.
By attending craft fairs, you also get to meet the artists and crafters.

If that idea appeals to you, we have even more places to go.

The source

A short drive south on Route 9 from Schroon Lake lets you stop by Stirring Creations. Look for the signs to direct you to the makers of homemade soaps, candles, and lip balms.

They smell incredibly good. It is difficult to choose just one.

That is not all the treasure to be found there. There's also rustic furniture and some gorgeous polished stone bowls, some adapted as charming sinks. If you want to wash your hands in the highest style, this is the place to go.

The gift shop at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves is a personal favorite. Anything mineral is likely to be found there. But take some of the different tours of the caves, first. Then visit the gift shop as a triumphant close to the outing.

They also have an ice cream shop. But you would notice that.

This amazing system of caves also has some wonderful hiking paths on the property. It is a wonderful day trip that is only minutes away from Schroon Lake.
If you would like to take a scenic drive to the other side of Schroon Lake, you can explore all the interesting items at the Adirondack General Store.

This old-fashioned shop offers up knickknacks, candles, Adirondack-themed decorations, and a full deli. It is a great place to have breakfast or lunch, either packed in a sack for you, or served at one of their tables in the cheerful dining room.
Another recommended scenic drive is taking Blue Ridge Road to a real buffalo farm. There are many homemade baked goods, special jerky, and all kinds of buffalo-themed and Native American crafts.

Maybe all of this is just kindling your own crafting urges.

The chosen

If you are a crafter, you might want to scout out some of our magnificent raw materials. We have craft shops that sell already-made crafts, and offer what you need to make your own.

Local sheep create the yarn at Aunt Polly's Material Girls. This charming little shop, right on the shores of the Hudson River, has an incredible array of fabric and notions of all kinds.

Local artisans also stock the shop with their own creations.

Paradox Crafts has charming items which celebrate summer, especially the long lazy lake summers on Paradox Lake. It is also a fine way to discover this beautiful spot which is so popular with boaters, paddlers, and campers.

Find surprises lurking in the western stage set that is Gokey's Trading Post. I can't tell you everything that is there, because it is often unpredictable and constantly changing. But I can tell you that you will have fun browsing.

There are so many fascinating discoveries in our shops and studios. Set your GPS to "hidden treasures." And go on the hunt!

Craft a cozy nest with our lodging. Enjoy a finely crafted meal with our dining. Explore all of our shopping.

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