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Valentine's Day is mid-week in 2018, which means there's still time for you to plan for that romantic weekend getaway!

Which should include treats, right? Sweets to the sweet. While I would love to enact a real Valentine's Day, my husband is not free today, so I am bringing my brother. We do care about each other, even though an outside observer wouldn't be likely to mistake us for a couple. Unless they were named The Bickersons.

Here's a guide to some of the area's finest goodies.

Fresh-baked breakfast

If you are planning a fun winter outing, you might want to stop by the edge of town for Deau's Mt Severance Country Store for coffee and a breakfast treat. They had four fresh choices this morning, baked on the premises. Pair it up with their many different flavors of coffee. There's sure to be a combination that will hit the spot.

Heading out for a snowshoe trek? Be sure to get some sandwiches to pack along from their fine deli, and don't forget to bring water.

Adirondack General Store is a great place to go when you want to take your time over breakfast. This was our first trip to this famous spot on the other side of the lake, but it will certainly not be our last. It has a little bit of everything for your Adirondack needs, and a deli, country store, and restaurant for breakfast and lunch.

I found my Western omelette, red-skinned home fries, and gluten-free bagel with the raspberry jam absolutely delicious. The coffee was so wonderful we both drank more than we had planned. But we regret nothing.

Troy had the Adirondack breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes and local bacon from Oscar's Smokehouse. He's picky, but for the whole rest of the day he would stare off into the distance and say things like, "I could have had banana AND chocolate chip pancakes. The bacon was great, but now I'm wondering if sausage would have been better. Wasn't that coffee something else?"

This is also a reliable place for goodies. As seen above, a small sampling of their past offerings, an ever-changing selection of Morning Glory muffins, lemon meringue and apple custard pies, pumpkin and peach-berry pies, and apple cider donuts. If this is going to be important to your Valentine plans, get in touch and see what will be around the time you wish to come.

It's different all the time, but I can feel confident it will be good.

My brother? Still talking about that breakfast.

Midday Marvels

A fine loaf is certainly a treat, but North Woods Bread Company makes more than bread at their location in the Pine Cone Mercantile. When stopping by for some of their fine coffee, there also the opportunity to assemble a gift basket.

There's chocolate.

There are muffins and cookies, like these exquisite lemon shortbread sandwich cookies.

And all sorts of beautiful, decorative, items for your sweetheart, including nature-themed cards.

Pitkin's Restaurant is another dessert destination, with excellent coffee, too. Seen below, their famous Peanut Butter Pie.

Troy declared himself ready to marry it. "This is someone who understands the perfect peanut butter pie!"
If that's not enough, there are different desserts up on the board on any given day, from cheesecakes to rice pudding, all homemade.

Festive evening

Sticks and Stones Bistro & Bar takes Valentine's Day seriously. Seen below from previous year's celebrations, there are heart-shaped pizzas, red velvet martinis, and decadent chocolate chip sandwich cookies.

My heart feels warmer already.

What jumped out at me on the special dessert menu was the lava cake. When our server suggested ice cream, we quickly agreed, since we were sharing.
And then, it came with caramel and chocolate sauce.

Highly recommended.

Flanagan's Pub & Grill has a different dessert menu all the time, with one to three choices depending on "what chef feels like making that day." As seen in these pictures from previous Flanagan's festivities, chef has a very creative streak, and a generous nature.

The day I asked it was chocolate cake and a blueberry-lemon mascarpone cake, which has a creamy filling between the cream cake layers. But we managed to not sit down and have some, since Troy has no restraint and there was the very real possibility someone would explode.

But we were tempted.

So don't worry about Valentine's Day if you come here. Our many choices will have you covered.

Choose some romantic lodging. Explore all of our dining. Choose a favorite activity.

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