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The way we start our day can set a tone for the next twenty-four hours. Perhaps that is the appeal of Bed and Breakfasts. Get those two needs properly covered, and have a wonderful time going forward.

We were "early adopters" of the B&B concept, since so many of our hotels were located in lovely, but remote, places, and they needed to be everything for their guests. While no Grand Hotels still operate in the Adirondacks, the hospitality ethos remains as bright and welcoming as ever.

The Schroon Lake area is home to many incredible B&B's. Here are three options that take both "Bs" very seriously. Perhaps one of them is just right for your next getaway.

Homegrown goodness

What's breakfast without bacon? For some people, the answer is "sad and lonely." The Tumble Inn, located in Schroon Lake, makes sure that their bacon, and all of their breakfast ingredients, travels as little as possible before arriving at their table.

The Tumble Inn offers a breakfast spread of maximum freshness.

There's meat products from Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg, the ones made famous on Rachel Ray's television show. There's cheeses from Nettle Meadow Farm, where every goat and sheep has a name. Brighten those pancakes with local maple syrup from Toad Hill Maple farm in Thurman. And tuck into those eggs from the Inn's own chickens.

Larry and Nancy cater to any breakfast whim with sausage, Canadian bacon, and/or bacon. There's always an egg dish, often with organic herbs and vegetables, and a "starch" which can be apple-puff pancakes or stuffed French toast or Belgian waffles. And cakes, muffins, buns and breads, with juice, fresh fruit, or yogurt. A choice of coffee/teas are elegantly served family style on imported china.

That's the way to start an Adirondack day.

All this in a dining room with original wood floors and moldings, lovingly restored in an 1870’s farmhouse.

The Tumble Inn has a wonderful great room, too. There's a gas fireplace surrounded by North Creek granite. The original Arts and Crafts touches are still there.

What a place for relaxing after a day in the snow. It is centrally located, near Schroon Lake's cute downtown with its restaurants and shops. Stroll along the frozen lake, share a moment in the famous stone gazebo, find a memorable dinner, all to celebrate an amazing day.

It's a great place to call home before and after a day of skiing at Gore Mountain.

Bed and breakfast and...

You've probably never experienced pampering quite like the way Laura does it at Rocky Acres Inn.

There's nothing like the deep woods winter quiet for a good night's sleep at Rocky Acres.

It's on Trout Brook Road, halfway between Schroon Lake and Minerva. So it's a great place to snuggle up in the heart of the forest and enjoy all the trails that cross the property. Breakfast starts with gourmet coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Discuss your favorite breakfast style from a possible menu of juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins, and fruits.

Because Laura has so few guests at a time, she can have her guests wake up to a dream breakfast; whatever that might be. Ask about bacon.

This is all about the customized B&B experience. Whether it's a fun family outing or a couple's cozy getaway, this is a place where you can leave the outside world just outside the door. Accessible, but only if you want to go back to it.

Rocky Acres caters to your desire for cozy privacy. Surrounded by your own forest, snowshoeing on your own trails, and enjoying the frozen, but still alive, brook and the several ponds that decorate the property. Have an invigorating beverage by the fire pit.

Craft your own deep woods experience.

Love the sound of snow on snow. There's nothing else like it.

It's easy to feel like you have the place to yourself. That's the experience Rocky Acres offers. In a very rare move, there's also the sewing option.

One of the amenities offered by the Great Camps of old was an on-site seamstress. When guests were staying for long periods, far from shops and their own servants, the host and hostess of the Great Camp would have someone who took care of their clothes. Rocky Acres brings this back with their custom tailoring option, including men's tailoring, extensive re-styling, and dressmaking services.

From formal attire to that perfect parka that never quite fit under the arms, Laura declares she "will complete most projects during your stay and you can have a renewed life for your garments and spirit."

Talk about your full service B&B. It's like a miniature Great Camp.

Tuck me in

For full immersion in the Adirondacks, there's the self-contained experience of Betty's Funny Farm. Yes, there really is a Betty there.

Imagine a tiny little magical town deep in an enchanted forest. There's a farm, and a store, and a fairy godmother who knits sweaters and makes jam and cookies.
You have your own room.

This magical place is a secret. Even the Internet knows very little about Betty's. (Shhhh. I'm only telling you.)

I've come to realize it's very much like the way anglers don't tell anyone about their favorite pond. It's... just... too... special.

Over the years of chatting with Betty, even she can't exactly put her finger on why people love her place so much. But then, Betty does details so well, she doesn't have to explain them.

In the summer, it is her horses and wagon taking people to nearby Camp Santanoni Preserve. In the winter, they are part of the interconnected trail network which includes the Adirondack Interpretive Center.

When I asked her what was available in her famous breakfasts, she answered, "Everything."

At a bit of a loss for words, I could only say, "Sounds great."

"Homemade. Some of it comes from our farm, or other people's farms."

I am sure Betty meant this in the "things people eat for breakfast" sense, not in the "elephant ear on a bun" sense. She is traditional in the best possible way.

So there will be bacon.

Regulars come back so regularly Betty hasn't advertised in years and years. The store on the premises has enough authentic mountain crafts to fill up a day — quilts, anything that can be knitted, clothing and jewelry, homemade baked goods. She sells her jam and jellies if you want to take that once-in-a-lifetime toast experience and recreate it at home. There's locally produced maple syrup, artisan pottery and jewelry, art, and decor items.

It's like spending time on a fantasy grandparent's farm.

All the signs point to this being a magical place.

These are only three of the amazing B&Bs in the area. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1800. Newcomb was the center of the logging operations in the area. Luxury resorts were once commonplace in this amazing part of the Adirondacks, so close by train, yet so far away from ordinary life.

Of all the areas in all of the Adirondacks, the Schroon Lake Region is one of the most unspoiled. Tiny towns, vast tracts of forest, mountains, and lakes, and yet some wonderful bistros, hiking and snowshoeing trails, stellar Alpine skiing, and, of course, breakfast. There's really nothing quite like a fantastic Schroon Lake Region breakfast.
But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

Explore all of our B&B possibilities. We have more delightful dining. Fill your day with fun!

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