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The Adirondacks is home to all sorts of outdoor adventures like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, but it takes some preparation to do it right, especially in winter. But don’t feel intimidated! The Adirondack Hub is the perfect basecamp for trying something new, and our gear shops have everything you need to get started. 

Picture this: In no time at all, you and your family can be walking past beautiful ice-covered ponds and strolling through snow-draped pine forests. Come try something new today, it’s easier than you think!

1. Get the gear

If you don’t have the gear, you and your family can still get out in the Adirondacks. Rent what you need from a gear shop like Cloud-Splitter Outfitters in Newcomb.

2. Get geared up

New to snowshoeing? Our gear shops are always staffed with people who love the outdoors, and they’re happy to pass that information along. They’ll help make sure those snowshoes (or skis) are the right fit for your feet.

3. Learn the route 

Another plus to renting equipment from a local outfitter is they know where to go. You’ll find hundreds of miles of well-marked trails in the Adirondacks, and some of them are not suitable for beginners. An expert can direct you to the best route based on your experience level and tell you about anything you should be aware of along the way.

4. Looking good!

Feeling like you’re ready to conquer the trail is the best way to start an adventure. Just look at those confident smiles!

5. Look at those smiling faces

There’s nothing quite like hitting the trail and leaving civilization behind. And snowshoeing is a great way to do it!

6. Take your time

A well-planned route is one that doesn’t require running to complete. There’s a lot to see in the Adirondack woods, so don’t rush!

7. Look and learn

You’ll probably see some more experienced skiers and snowshoers on the trail — take some notes and learn some new moves! If it looks like fun, it probably is.

8. The end of a perfect day

Learn the names of the surrounding peaks. They're all begging to be climbed, but that's another adventure.

Take all the time you need in Adirondack Hub. Plan some adventures then head into town for a place to stay and some warm food.

The reason you may see media of people not wearing masks on our website is because all footage is from prior years. More than ever we all need to be vigilant about maintaining social distance of 6 feet or more and wearing masks when we cannot social distance.

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