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Fun for the entire family!

Family fun is easy in the Adirondack Hub, where outdoor adventures and experiences abound throughout the region. Exploring this area as a family is special, visiting new places and creating memories in the natural beauty of the Adirondack Park. Whether it's a hike in the forest, a day at the beach, or a camping trip that combines it all, there are endless opportunities for adventure. 

Take a hike

A network of trails snakes through the mountains and valleys of the Adirondack Hub, connecting hikers with endless views of the surrounding forest preserve, dotted with backcountry bodies of water and towering peaks. Choosing which hike to take your family on can be tough, given just how many options there are. Try Cheney Pond! The kids will love the trail, all downhill from the start to the easily accessible backcountry pond, which is about a half mile one way. It is a long way to bring a kayak or canoe, but if you have the ability to wheel them down, or even bring a paddleboard, you could spend a few hours on Cheney exploring the water and enjoying a lunch on the shore. If the family wants some more elevation and a unique summit hike, consider Mount Severance in Schroon Lake. Kids will absolutely love the unique start to Severance, as the trail passes underneath the Northway via two access culverts. The climb after passing through the culverts gains elevation steadily, and after 1.2 miles of hiking you come to a slightly-wooded summit with spectacular views of Paradox Lake below. There are a few fantastic picnic rocks among the open grassy area on and near the summit, so take your time and relax, you earned it!

The view of a large lake surrounded by mountains during golden hour

Take a dip

What’s better than lounging lakeside after a day of hiking? The town beaches within the Adirondack Hub are a safe and enjoyable option for families with kids. Starting with Schroon Lake, their town beach sits below a gently-sloping, grassy hillside that has outstanding views of the lake and the adjacent Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. The beach even has a couple platforms in deeper water for diving in, and is in an area with lunch options close by. Heading west, the Newcomb Town Beach is a gem of a destination, with local events happening here often. Have a bite to eat at the snack shack, or time your visit with one of the events, like Newcomb Day! Down south of Newcomb is the town of Minerva, and Donnelly Beach, part of an adjoining campground, has all the amenities for a day-trip or overnight stay. In addition to the crystal clear water, there’s also a two-stage playground for toddlers and older children, along with tennis & basketball courts to let the kids tire themselves out before dinner. Looping back north to North Hudson, the setting is a bit different than the rest of these beaches! This town beach rests on the shores of a gently flowing, shallow river. The water doesn’t get much deeper than 2-3 feet, making it a great stop for families with young children. All of these town beaches have roped-off swimming areas, which make playing in the water a safe experience for the entire family. They also all have pavilions and playgrounds, perfect for letting the kids run wild while the adults soak up the sun. 

Two children run into the water while two parents relax on the beach in Adirondack chairs

Go camping

Crafting a family adventure wouldn’t be complete without camping underneath the stars, roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories by the fire. The Adirondack Hub has campgrounds near all of the hiking and swimming opportunities above, and many of them are exceptionally family-friendly. Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks in North Hudson is your go-to camping experience with the kids, with access to mini-golf, swimming pools, and even an arcade hall for a rainy day activity. Another option is the Newcomb Campground, which just so happens to be within walking distance of the Newcomb Town Beach, and an on-site cafe can fuel your entire family for a day of adventure right outside of the campground. 

A family roasts marshmallows by the fire midday

Bring the entire family to the Adirondack Hub! It will be a trip both the kids and the adults will never forget. Find the campground that interests your family, and plan some fun Adirondack adventures.

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