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The Schroon Lake area has a wonderful romantic history. Fall is a glorious time for a couple's getaway, with beautiful scenery, delightful places for cozy dinners, and lots of fireplaces to hold hands by.

The famous Scaroon Manor Resort saw lots and lots of summer romances, many of which became all-year-round romances.

A couple's getaway in the Schroon Lake region offers a wonderful world for two, whether it's a quiet hike in glorious nature or a bounteous harvest festival.
Fall in love, or fall further in love. Make some heartwarming memories, or even some wonderful decisions.

Lovely lodging

Bed and breakfasts have a well deserved romantic reputation. We have many lovely bed and breakfasts, which can offer a charming room, a hearty breakfast, and just enough spoiling from your hosts.
If you like the ambiance of an old world home and decorations with a homey touch, there are many fine choices.

Schroon Lake Bed & Breakfast has a porch that matches the rest of this lovely old home.
Many of the area's B&Bs have on-premises gardens, a choice of fireplaces, a big porch, and a Great Room, all for relaxing romantic solitude.

This magical room is at the Silver Spruce Inn B&B.
Modern amenities and old-fashioned warmth are the magic combination offered by these wonderful old homes. Many of them have an interesting backstory or historic influence.
Your hosts are also knowledgeable about where to go and what to do, so you can have a wonderful time. After all, they live here and have a wonderful time here.
Find out more about our special B&Bs with start the day right.

Awesome activities

Bring that harvest-time appetite to some of our wonderful dining spots. From downhome diners with homecooked specialties to gourmet pubs, all the way to fine dining. We have a table for two that will make for a memorable evening waiting for you.

A welcoming place, a tasty meal, and an enjoyable beverage adds up to favorite delights of cooler weather.
The great thing about a couple's weekend is that no one has to do all that much unless the mood strikes otherwise. This is about spending time together without the stress or pressure of having any particular goal. This is a place with no errands, no chores, no have-tos. Along with the glory of fall foliage, there is the glory of suspending your tasks.
Explore the towns hand in hand. Schroon Lake has a lovely lakefront park and beach as part of their downtown complex of restaurants and shops.

It is not known how many couples have kissed in the gazebo overlooking the lake, but there are many.
The seclusion, cuteness, and slow pace of fall makes for a great couple's getaway. You can shrink the world as small as you want, and then expand it again. Find out more about romance in Schroon Lake with the blog, The night we met in Schroon.

Passion for places

Choose what suits your style. There is easy and extensive hiking at the Adirondack Interpretive Center at Newcomb. Bridges, water views, and scenic outposts add interest and opportunity to quiet strolls in the woods.
There's also a lovely natural history museum, a Great Room to view the birds from, and interesting displays. Periodic classes are held there that can be a fun thing to do together, from nature walks to craft projects.

The Natural Stone Bridge & Caves complex also has gorgeous hiking trails, giving glorious views of the caves and the nearby cliffs and forest. Walk on a multi-colored carpet and enjoy the roaring of the river, which has shaped this unusual piece of nature. This goes along with the amazing caves themselves, and a spectacular geological rock and crystal shop. Buy your sweetie a rock! That's so romantic.

The Harvestfest at Gore Mountain spans the weekend of October 7 and 8 in 2017.
It is a glorious time of year for scenic gondola rides, live music, vendor tents with food and crafts, and adventure activities. This is what the Harvestfest offers, along with the glorious mountains and unique ways of enjoying the foliage. The ski lifts are slowed down and repurposed for a slow trip with incredible views.

Come enjoy our forest, mountains, rivers, and brooks. You can also enjoy our lodging, which is the best combination of historic charm and modern amenities. Shop and dine with simplicity or luxury. It's all your choice.
The glorious season of fall is waiting for you! Explore all the lodging. Dream about our dining. And you can decide to have your wedding here!

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“When despair for the world grows in me/…I come into the peace of wild things/who do not tax their lives with forethought/of grief.