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Adirondac Rafting Company - Whitewater Adventures

Adirondac Rafting Company invites you to run the wild and scenic Hudson River Gorge. The gorge run is a 16 mile, 4-5 hour adventure trip with plenty of whitewater fun. Adirondac Rafting Company provides highly skilled, licensed, and fun river guides, lunch in the remote gorge, and all the necessary gear to keep you comfortable on the river.

Whitewater rafting trips are run early spring (big water), summer (great family time), and fall (scenic fall foliage).

Adirondac Rafting Company provides the highest quality river experience with modern state-of-the-art equipment and an expert staff to ensure your fun and safety. The Hudson River Gorge is the perfect family adventure through the heart of the Adirondack Mountains.

Adventure Sports Rafting Company

The Hudson River Gorge Awaits

Raft with the professionals!

Explore the greatest whitewater rafting New York has to offer!  Float through 17 miles of Adirondack Wilderness and Hudson River rafting April 1 through Columbus Day every year.  Adventure Sports Rafting holds the highest safety and fun ratings all around.  Just five minutes from the river, we are nearly within splashing distance of the mighty Hudson River Gorge.  Raft with our family of licensed guides with more than 40 years of professional rafting experience. 


On the Hudson River Gorge, you'll find top notch team building, family bonding, the best bachelor/bachelorette parties and so much more!


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