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Teddy's Trail

Ride through charming small towns with attractions and services. Lodging and dining available roadside in the towns of Newcomb, Minerva, North Creek, Indian Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, and Long Lake.


This 80 mile loop has wonderful scenery on wide-shouldered roads. Runs along the Hudson River with many mountain and cliff scenes. Abundant scenic rest stops with picnic tables.

Scenic drives

This is also a beautiful scenic drive, especially during fall foliage season.

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Read our blog post, Teddy's Trail is a lovely bike loop.

Johnson Pond Road

This route connects North Hudson with Paradox via the Letsonville Road. Go right by Johnson Pond for some gorgeous scenery. It's scenic, there are moderate hills, and it has some paved but mostly gravel roadways.

By the numbers

  • 6 miles. Join Fleming Pond Road to go all the way to Crown Point for an additional 14 miles trip.

How to get there

Take Route 9 North from North Hudson, turn east (right) on the Johnson Pond Road/County Highway 2A. Follow it along the pond and between the mountains until the intersection with Letsonville Road. Head south to Paradox on Route 74.

Pottersville-Olmstedville Road

Scenic country between two charming small towns. A great way to visit the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves!

LENGTH: 6 miles. Add a 5 mile round trip if visiting the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, found at the end of Stone Bridge Road. All paved, with some hilly parts. Services in Olmstedville and Pottersville.

DIRECTIONS: Start at the intersection of Route 9 and Stone Bridge Road. Head west on Stone Bridge Road to visit the caves, 2.5 miles down a pleasant country road. Go south, through Pottersville, from the west, turning right at the giant gray Wells House, to take Olmstedville Road to the town of Olmstedville.

Blue Ridge Road

A stretch of great scenery, with wonderful curves to reveal new vistas at every turn. Pack a lunch; this is the wilderness.

When ridden west-to-east, it becomes an exhilarating thrill ride of breathtaking scenery - hold-your-breath downhill slopes!

DISTANCE: 20 miles, one way. Services in Newcomb, four miles from the intersection of Route 28N and Blue Ridge Road, and the endpoint of North Hudson.

DIRECTIONS: From 28N, take the Blue Ridge Road at the corner marked with the Tahawus sign. Head east and hang on tight.

Part of the Grand Loop through the small towns and wilderness of the Schroon Lake Region.

Scaroon Manor

Explore the quiet paved roads giving access to Scaroon Manor Campground on the west shore of Schroon Lake. Informational posts throughout the complex tell the history of this once-famous resort.

A day use pass offers access the swimming, restrooms, picnic tables, bbq grills, and shower facilities, too.

DISTANCE: 2 miles of interlocking paths. Paved road, mostly flat, narrow shoulders but very low traffic.

DIRECTIONS: Follow the loops around the shore of the lake, along different campsites, through the woods, and the amphitheatre complex where they filmed the Gene Kelly/Natalie Wood movie, Marjorie Morningstar.

Tahawus Mines Road

This road leads to the Tahawus Ghost Town, a former mining town no longer open to the public. But the road leading up to it is a marvelous ride alternating deep forest, hidden meadows, bridges, lakes, and distant mountain vistas.

Rock hounds will find the abundance of mine tailings offer samples of granite, mica, and anorthosite. This was once the largest titanium mine in the world.

DISTANCE: Round trip: 14 miles. Paved road, mostly flat, narrow shoulders but very low traffic.

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of Route 28N and Blue Ridge Road, look for the sign on the left, turning north onto the Tahawas Mine Road. Follow the road to the end, where a gate bars entrance, and turn around. There is also a hiking path trailhead right before the second bridge for more exploration.

Hoffman Loop

At 24.9 miles, this route is all paved with some hilly stretches with a few steep climbs.


Starting at Schroon Lake take scenic Hoffman Road past Bullet Pond, and the trio of Muller, Bigsby, and Oliver Ponds. This route turns into Irishtown Road, with river views approaching Olmstedville. This quaint village is an excellent place for a break. Off Main Street take Donnelly Road to Trout Brook Road, meeting up again with Hoffman Road for the loop back to Schroon Lake.


Grand Loop

This loop is grand in many ways, but especially the scenery. Much of it goes through the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest area, with a crossing of the Boreas River and the views along Boreas Road. Area attractions include the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves on the Pottersville-Olmstedville Road (CR29), and a buffalo farm 4 miles from Route 9, in North Hudson.

Bike the Blue Ridge Road/County Highway 2B west to east, and take advantage of the downhill grade.

There are services in Schroon Lake, Pottersville, Olmstedville, and Minerva.


56 Miles. From Schroon Lake public beach, take Route 9 south. Go 9 miles to Pottersville, take the right at the Wells House (giant gray building) to head north and west towards Olmstedville. Next turn onto Olmstedville-Pottersville Road and go 7 miles thru Olmstedville. Turn north on Rt. 28N to Minerva and continue 12 miles to head east on the Blue Ridge Road (Rt.2) in Newcomb, continue on 18 miles to North Hudson. Nearing end, south on Route 9 south, 8 miles to Schroon Lake Beach.

Hardscrabble Road

Cruise this scenic loop that is easy riding, with mountains ringing the horizon. Cross a creek halfway!

Cycling and scenic drives

6.5 miles, with paved roads and services in Olmstedville.


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