"We're here to do things the way they’re supposed to be done.”

David Hughes and I had been talking for a while about his new business, ADK Purveyors. He was giving me the history of how he ended up with a subscription box service that specializes in bringing the best quality Adirondack products directly into your home when he laid that simple, yet powerful, statement on me. 

In the summer of 2018 David subscribed to an organic food box but was disappointed. "My box showed up at my door in an insulated box with a gel pack every two weeks. I loved the concept. The only negatives were, one, I wasn’t able to choose what produce went into my box. Two, this produce is coming from California and/or Mexico and three, the food started to go bad in a few days because of the lengthy two week trip across the country by freight train."

David knew he could do better; he had already made a career of fostering good relationships with local producers, first as a manager of a third generation butcher shop, then sourcing products for farm stores, and most recently, bringing local ingredients into his local school district as the manager of its school lunch program (the students call him "Chef Dave"). He knew he could help folks across the Adirondacks access high quality fresh products that were actually produced in the Adirondacks, with the option to choose what you get, and without the long drive to the grocery store.

Two years later, ADK Purveyors can deliver a growing range of great Adirondack products directly to your door, not only locally (which is still at the core of their mission), but anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

How does it work?

ADK Purveyors have gone out of their way to make it simple. You can have a box headed to you in less than 10 minutes with a quick trip to their website (David has even been so kind to extended to our readers a special limited time offer; when you sign up for a subscription and use the code ADKFOOD at checkout, get 50% off your first box!). Their most popular is the Harvest Box, which allows you to pick any five items from their inventory. You can have just one box shipped, or set up a weekly or monthly delivery. There's no minimum number of shipments and you can cancel at any time. They'll even send you a reminder before each order so you can check your box and make any changes you would like for your next delivery. 

What do you get?

Just like any subscription service, you get to pick! And they have been able to put together a great selection from the following producers:

  • Nettle Meadow Farm - dairy

  • North Country Creamery - artisanal cheeses and yogurt

  • Juniper Hill Farm - NOFA-NY certified organic produce

  • Sunset Farm - grass-fed beef

  • Toad Hill Maple - pure Adirondack maple products

  • Reber Rock Farm - pasture raised and organically fed poultry

  • Blackberry Hill Farm - heritage bred pork (coming soon!)

They’re always looking for new producers and artisans to partner with, so check back for updated offerings!

But is it really fresh?

The short answer: yes.

If there’s one thing David values above all else, it’s the quality and freshness of the products he’s offering. Each week's orders are processed on Friday, when David contacts the producers to let them know what was sold that week. The orders are collected directly from the farmers and producers by Wednesday, when the boxes are shipped, generally arriving at the customers' doorstep by Friday. So by the time the box gets to your door, the artisanal meats, cheeses, produce, and Maple products inside have only been away from their Adirondack home for several days at most. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the southeastern Adirondacks you can even save on the shipping and pick your box up directly from their processing center in Newcomb, NY. 

Sign me up!

Given the interesting times we're living in, you can bet ADK Purveyors is going to be on my radar. Not only to get some of the products I already know and love more easily to my door, but to some family and friends as well! There are oh so many holidays and birthdays just around the corner...

Go take a look at ADK Purveyors; they're "doing things they way they should be done."

And don't forget! If you're signing up for a subscription, use that 50% off code at checkout, 'ADKFOOD.'