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That best friend can be someone with us since kindergarten, or someone we just met who is wonderfully compatible. It can be someone we've been married to for years, or someone we can imagine being married to for years.

Whatever the connection, one great way to strengthen it is to get away to a fun, and different, kind of place where there's not a lot of competing obligations and distractions. A time devoted to having fun, together.

The space we might need to catch up on all those things we are too busy to share as much as we would like.

Dog friendly, too! Don't leave the four-legged part of the group behind. They love water and the woods and treats too, of course.
Here are three ways to craft that special "bestie" time in the Adirondacks.

Out on the water

Schroon Lake, the town, and Schroon Lake, the lake, comprise one of the major boating centers of the Adirondacks. Once the home of elaborate resort hotel complexes, it is now more of a Bed & Breakfast and historic Inns center. But the lake has not changed a bit.

The same timeless mountains ring the far shores, the marina is as busy as ever, and the thrill of the wind in our hair makes for a lot of shared smiles.

There are eight different kinds of watercraft available for rent, so the right fit shouldn't be a problem. Go fast with a classic motorboat, or go slow with a couple of stand­up paddle boards.

We can have fun on the lake without actually getting out on the lake. The beach is one of the most delightful in all of the Adirondacks (though of course this status is highly disputed). There are large expanses of soft sand that face the south for maximum sun, a swim-out diving platform, a lifeguard, and a terraced slope perfect for picnics and sunbathing.

There are vendors for lunch, treats, and drinks, while the entire park complex is just steps away from downtown, so it's easy to venture just a bit further to find something different if the spirit moves you.

At your own pace

An active weekend in the Schroon Lake Region is the opposite of busy. Whether we want to scale a mountain or stroll through patches of sunlight along a burbling brook, there's plenty to enjoy, with no crowds or pressure.

I find nature is great for filling the senses without being overwhelming. Birdsong, rustling leaves, and chuckling water are easy to pay attention to, or not. Being in nature leaves a lot of space for conversation.

One great way to prepare for an outdoor day is to have breakfast at Adirondack General Store, Deau's Mount Severance Country Store, or Lazy Moose Garden Market for a hearty start and a packed lunch. There are an abundance of picnic places, and the length of the trail doesn't matter so much when there's a meal with us.

If we are looking for that slow romantic meandering kind of trail, Cheney Pond Trail is highly recommended. This old truck trail makes for easy walking to the serene scenery of the pond, which is ringed with magnificent trees. There's a picnic table waiting for that lakeside lunch, and the trail is wide enough to walk hand-in-hand.

Walk along water with extended trail systems like Rankin and Little Rankin Ponds. Choose a pond trio like Courtney, Shingletree, and Holiday Pond. Add a saddle climb between Greenough and Clap mountains with Round Pond and East Mill Flow, which leads to many trail intersections.

Bring the other best friend, who will love smelling all the new stuff and will be happily worn out by the end of the day. No matter who comes along, a walk in the woods is an ideal way to catch up with each other amid the beauty of nature.

Random easy

The Schroon Lake Region is a great place to do a lot of nothing at all. This is one of my favorite ways to get out with someone, and just wander around, ready to explore any whim. Schroon Lake has a charming downtown area with interesting shops and plenty of pubs and restaurants.

That's not all the shopping, either. There's interesting places to choose from along the area's highly scenic roads. Big places like Gokey's Trading Post has a little bit of everything, and Adirondack Buffalo Company offers a range of treats, Native American crafts, and real buffalo.
There's also the focused and interesting, like the specialty furniture at Adirondack Rustics Gallery, cute embroidered items at Paradox Crafts, the candles, soap, and carvings at Stirring Creations, and the stunning quilts at Aunt Polly's Material Girls.

Find local brews at one of our fine pubs or head for the source at Paradox Brewery. Find out more about where to find desserts in our Valentine's Day blog, Sweets for your sweetheart.

There are lots of ways to have a sweet, sweet, time.

Look over delightful choices and choose the ideal lodging. Pick the food that matches your mood at one of our dining establishments. Ramp up the fun and plan on visiting for one of our many events.

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