Loons, whitetail deer, common mergansers, beavers, snapping turtles, and water snakes have all been spotted. Experience this very peaceful, but close enough to civilization, part of the Adirondacks. Size: 441 Acres. Lean-to available at lake.


Good things come to those who walk — that’s what Pharaoh Lake is all about. It’s a 4-mile hike into this 442-acre lake, but once you get there you’ll find brookies and lake trout. In 2012, the lake got an air-stocking of 2,000 5-inch brookies, but it’s the lakers that make the hike worth it. Your daily limit is three lake trout of at least 15 inches.

Keep in mind that the use or possession of baitfish is prohibited here. Access is from Pharaoh Mountain Trail and during the summer’s warmer weather, you’ll want to carry in a lightweight canoe or inflatable boat to get away from shore and to target the cooler, deeper waters.

Size: 441 acres 

Mean depth: 46 feet


There are several lean-tos available at the lake.


This remote location is a fine spot for waterbirds like loon and merganser, or raptors such as bald eagles, kingfishers, and many kinds of hawk. This area includes wetlands, boreal, and mixed forest habitats.

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