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Boguet Falls is on the North Fork of the Boquet River and accessed from the same location as Shoebox Falls.

Getting there

From exit 28 in Schroon Lake follow I-87 north for two exits to exit 30. From here take a left and follow Route 9 toward Elizabethtown and shortly a left onto Route 73 and head toward Keene. Continue for 1.3 miles to the bridge over the Boquet River, the parking in just over the bridge on the right. 

Nature walks

 From the parking area cross the road onto an old dirt road, blocked by large boulders; walk this to the river and upstream for a less than 0.1 miles to the base of the falls. The top of the falls can be accessed by crossing the river slightly below the falls by rock hoping the gentle current. Again this is another popular swim hole with a deep pool of cool Adirondack waters below the falls.  

  • Distance Round Trip: Less than 0.1 miles

Accessibility Information