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This rugged 37,800-acre parcel is located in western Essex County in the town of Minerva. A big portion of the forest is also located in the Hamilton County towns of Indian Lake and Long Lake.


Big-game species like white-tailed deer and black bear can be found here, although you’ll most likely find deer in the southern portion of the forest, since that is where habitat is most favorable. Bears can be found anywhere. As with the other large tracts of state land beaver, fisher, coyote, fox, snowshoe hare, and raccoons also make their homes here in the wide variety of habitats.

Just over a dozen miles of public roads adjacent to the wild forest make much of Blue Mountain Wild Forest fairly accessible. Many are in the Indian Lake/Long Lake area, the closest to Essex County being the unmaintained parking area access along Chain Lakes Road. This is primarily for waterway access.

The forest is beautiful.

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