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Take a pleasant hike through Hammond Pond Wild Forest to reach Trout Pond. If you choose, continue on to Round Pond.

How to get there

The trailhead for Trout Pond and Round Pond is accessed via Ensign Pond Road (County Rt. 4) between North Hudson and Moriah. Marked by a large DEC sign, it is 6.2 miles east of Route 9 N of North Hudson on the left side of the road.

By the numbers

From the trailhead, take an easy hike .7 miles one way to Trout Pond or continue on another .6 miles to reach Round Pond (the distance to Round Pond is 1.3 miles one way from the trailhead).


A pleasant hike through Hammond Pond Wild Forest, with a trail following the Trout Pond's west shoreline.


The shoreline trail makes this showshoe trek easy to follow even with a fresh snow.


These reclaimed trout waters support brook trout. The use or possession of bait fish is prohibited in this pond.

Round Pond is a quiet gem of a pond. A busy shoreline means a busy angler. The trail sign is a reminder to sign in and out at the register. The path to Trout Pond in a dense woods. A view of Trout Pond in the distance, with a wooded area in the foreground. Trout pond showing clumps of shoreline vegetation in the foreground.

Accessibility Information

Fish Species

  • Brook Trout

Hike Features

  • Ponds / Lakes