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Mount Adams is a serious climb but for those who tackle it, the views and the hike are very rewarding. The summit features at 47-foot steel fire tower, used in its heyday as a tool in the forest fire prevention effort by New York State. It is no longer used to detect fires, but makes for a fine hiking destination. 

How to get there

Follow I-87 north for to the North Hudson Exit, #29. From here follow Boreas Road west toward Newcomb. Continue nearly 18 miles to Tahawus Road on your right. Continue on Tahawus Road for 6.5 miles. Here you will reach a bridge over the Hudson River on your right. Stay left on Upper Works Road. You will pass by the McIntyre Blast Furance and the Santanoni trailhead before arriving at your destination 3.0 miles from the intersection of Tahawus and Upper Works roads. 

By the numbers

  • Distance: 2.6 miles, one way
  • Elevation gain: 1,800 feet
  • Mountain Elevation: 3,520 feet


For the first mile, the trail is rather mellow, but crosses or comes near the Hudson River and Lake Jimmy. Be advised it may be muddy here. At one mile, is the old fire tower observer's cabin and storage building. Follow the well-worn path in front of the cabin. Just after a short rise, around 1.1 miles, the trail hangs left into the woods. (The trail to the right goes to Flowed Lands via Hanging Spear Falls.) A stream is crossed at 1.6 miles and the climbing hasn't been terribly steep until this point. Between here and the summit, the trail gets much steeper, sometimes rough and rocky. The trail levels off at 2.5 miles and finally reaches the tower at 2.6 miles. There are no/ very limited views from the ground; enjoy views of the High Peaks from the tower cab or stairs.

Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

Skiing is not recommended for this trail due to steepness of the terrain but advanced snowshoers might enjoy the challenge. The trailhead should be accessible in winter.

Accessibility Information

Hike Features

  • Fire Tower