Hiking at Elk Lake Lodge

The hikes listed here can only be accessed as a guest of the Elk Lake Lodge or with special permission. Please abide by this rule so these trails can continue to be enjoyed. Elk Lake Lodge is wonderful and we highly recommend you stay for a night or two! The four mountains are: Sunrise, Clear Pond, Lightening Hill, and Grandpa Pete. There are 40 miles of private trails on the property -- explore them all!

Getting here

From exit 28 in Schroon Lake follow I-87 north for one exit to the North Hudson exit #29. From here follow Boreas Road west toward Newcomb. Continue for 4.25 miles to Elk Lake Road on the right. Follow Elk Lake Road to the end at Elk Lake Lodge.

Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain is one of the Adirondack 100 Highest. It's a delightful hike with fantastic views. The trail follows an old abandoned woods road, which is a pleasure to walk on, so soft and colorful. The trail narrows and becomes tighter as you ascend, but the colorful mosses of the forest keep the mood light. Multiple viewing rocks are passed en route to the summit, each one with a finer view than the last. The trail is mostly moderate with only one really steep section near the summit. Check out our blog about hiking Sunrise Mountain!

Clear Pond Mountain

The trail is very soft under foot and not very long. This is a great leg stretcher! Check out our blog about hiking Clear Pond and Grandpa Pete mountains!

Lightening Hill

An awesome little hike that is enjoyed by everyone!

Grandpa Pete Mountain

Grandpa Pete Mountain is not named as such on any other map than the one you get from Elk Lake Lodge itself. Its open summit and interesting trail will help you understand why this trail is so important to the area. The footing is a little tougher, with exposed roots and rocks.