Gull Pond is a beautiful destination for someone looking for a quick hike to stretch their legs or for families. It is less than half a mile to the pond. From Exit 28 on Interstate 87, take Route 9 toward Schroon Lake. In 0.6 miles, take a left onto Alder Meadow Road. Follow this for 3.8 miles to the Gull Pond Trail on the left. Park here.


This is only a 0.4 mile hike, one-way, along a marked foot trail with might have some wet spots in low areas. Stick to the trail to avoid causing trail erosion.


A side trail on the left a short distance from the pond leads to a designated tent site. There is no camping allowed at the rock outcrop overlooking the pond.


It's well worth the added effort to have a pond all to yourself. Most of the shore can be used for fishing. Since there is a 0.4-mile hike to the pond, there is no boat access without a portage. That said, a canoe or kayak would be ideal to fish the deeper waters where trout tend to hang out during warmer months. A herd path may be visible around the pond, and that can be used to find different locations. Fish species found here include: brook trout and bullhead.