Goodnow Mountain is one not to be missed by anyone who is in the area. Reached in just under two miles of generally easygoing hiking, the summit has a restored fire tower and a sweeping view that includes 23 of the 46 High Peaks.


The trail is in the Huntington Forest, owned by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. No hunting, camping, or fires; and the area is closed at night.

Distance: About 1.9 miles to the summit

Elevation: 2,690 feet

Elevation gain: 1,040 feet

Trailhead: On Rt. 28N, 1.5 miles west of the ADK Visitor Interpretive Center west of Newcomb. It is also 11.4 miles east of Long Lake. 

There is a parking area marked by a large green and white sign. From the parking area, the trail climbs to join an old road at 0.9, passes an old horse barn at 1.5 miles and then after a few short climbs and descents reaches the summit at 1.9 miles. 


Goodnow is a very prominent peak from Route 28N and whose tower raises high above the trees. This ragged looking mountain is home to one of the few fire towers remaining the Adirondack Park.  

From the trailhead you will start to climb a bit steeply to flat area that you will proceed on for a little while before climbing easily once again. As you move along the trail will slowly gain elevation and then swings hard to the west where you will climb the final portion of the mountain.  There is an old horse barn that you will pass along the way to the summit. This horse barn is an excellent spot for a break, or even lunch.

Upon the summit you will come to the fire tower. The tower is in great condition and should be climbed by all who visit. Expect high winds and a serious wind chill from the tower, but the views, especially of the High Peaks are quite grand.

Times: Families with young children: 1.5 hours to summit Experienced hiker: 45 minutes to summit Out of Shape hiker: 1 hour to summit.

How to Get There

Take exit 29 from Interstate 87 and head west on Blue Ridge Road, toward Newcomb. After about 18.5 miles, turn right on Route 28N and follow that for about 9 miles as it goes through Newcomb. The large parking area is on the left, about 1.5 miles after the Adirondack Interpretive Center.

Hiking is a great group activity.

The view start at the summit and go all the way up.

Always sign the register, before and after the hike.

Use Outlook Park's mountain finder for your next adventure.

The summit is a great place for lunch and relaxing.