How to Get There

Ensign Pond Road is 2.5 miles north of North Hudson. (Casa Turn Road/Route 4C leads to Ensign Pond Road.) Continue for 10.7 miles and turn left on Tracy Road. Continue for 1.75 miles to the trailhead on the right. The trailhead parking is down a steep dirt entrance, so take your time pulling off the road. 

Trail Description

The bridge over Crowfoot Brook has been out, but the brook crossing isn’t difficult when the water is low. The trail is relatively flat with a slight gain in elevation that is spread out over a long distance. 

This old forest road turned foot trail climbs through a dark evergreen forest as it passes over the low shoulder of Stiles Hill, which is on the left. The trail reaches the pond and passes left of it. The trail eventually ends at private property on the north shore of Crowfoot Pond. Please respect the rights of private landowners and do not proceed farther.

Elevation Gain

450 feet

Round Trip Distance

6 miles

Fast hikers can complete this hike in less than four hours. Families with children and slower hikers should expect it to take an hour or so longer.