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The falls along The Branch can be seen in their awe from afar at this parking location. This makes for a wonderful scene for photography.

Getting there

From exit 28 in Schroon Lake follow I-87 north for one exit to exit 29, North Hudson. From here take a left and follow Blue Ridge road for 2.5 miles to the small Hamlet of Blue Ridge. Parking is on a dirt pull off above the river on the left.


Just a bit further up the road on the left is a dirt road, not drivable without super high clearance that will bring you to above the falls. Walk this road for a short distance and you will be above the falls and you can follow the path down to falls. This waterfall does get some people in it cooling off, but more for wading than truly swimming. It is less than 0.2 miles to the falls.

Blue Ridge Falls is a treat for any skill level. Blue Ridge Falls offers a glimpse from roadside. Follow the trail along the river to see more of Blue Ridge Falls.

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Hike Features

  • Waterfall