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Explore the wild forests of the Adirondack Hub!

Getting there

From Exit 29 off I-87, follow Blue Ridge Road east toward North Hudson, then drive north on Route 9. Continue for 2.5 miles and turn right on county Route 4C, then turn right on Ensign Pond Road. Follow Ensign Pond Road for just over 2.5 miles to the Hammond Pond trailhead on the right.


From the parking area, locate the trail to Hammond Pond. There are two trails here — the one you want is on the left; right leads to Moose Mountain Pond.

You will quickly come to an unmarked split in the trail. Left leads to Hammond Pond and dead ends there, so take time to check it out. Right leads slightly uphill toward Black Brook Pond.

There is a crossing of Black Brook, which can be tough if the water is high, but under most instances it’s not too hard. It can always be waded, so bring a towel if it's warm out. From here the trail stays mostly flat and eventually brings you to the west end of the pond. The pond is more grass than water, but it is a nice, attractive location to hang out.

Elevation: 1,047 feet

Elevation gain: 100 feet

Distance round trip: 3.8 miles 

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