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The trail leads to the western shore of Bass Lake

Getting there

From Exit 29 off of Interstate 87, follow Blue Ridge Road toward North Hudson and take a left onto Route 9 and follow it north. Continue for 2.5 miles and turn right onto Caza Turn Road. Look for an obscure road into the woods just before the houses — this is the trailhead. It is unmarked and on the roadside.


Bass Lake can also be approached from the east, so a traverse hike is possible if a second car is spotted. This trailhead is used much less than the one from the east, so conditions are much more variable and the trailhead is harder to find. There are a few decent-sized hills to traverse, giving this trip a bit more of a challenge, but overall it's fairly similar to the trail from the east. The trail leads to the western shore of Bass Lake, and from there another path to the left leads to better viewing. The trail also continues straight, where more views off of the south shore add to the beauty.

  • Elevation Gain: 325 feet
  • Distance Round Trip: 3.6 miles


A small pond surrounded by bright green cheese.

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