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This lake is on north of the town of Newcomb, with nice views of the Santanoni Range and Ermine Brook Slide. Because you have to park at the beginning of the road that leads to Camp Santanoni, the hike to Moose Pond is a long one! There are some designated primitive tent sites on Moose Pond that can allow you to extend your stay in this backcountry body of water.

Key statistics

  • Distance: 14 miles round trip
  • Elevation gain: 1,450 feet


The hike will take you on Newcomb Lake Road for 2.25 miles before you take a left onto Moose Pond Road, which is more of a hiking trail nowadays. Continue on this until you've hiked around 6.7 miles, where there will be a fork. Go left at the fork to reach tent sites with water access.


  • Size: 185 acres.
  • Mean depth: 24 feet 
  • Species: lake trout, brook trout
A pond with mountains nearby

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