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Bass Lake is located in the beautiful Hammond Pond Wild Forest. At 39 acres, it’s not a big lake but a typical backcountry pond. And you’ll find, like many other small lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks, it doesn’t have to be big to be special. Bass Lake is listed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as a top fishing water for rainbow trout. Each year, the state adds about 400 more 8- to 9-inch rainbows. You’ll also find brook trout here, but the real draw for many anglers is the rainbows. Access is via a trail on the west shore off Highway 9.

Getting there

From Exit 29 off of Interstate 87, follow Blue Ridge Road toward North Hudson, take a left onto state Route 9 and follow it north. Continue for 2.5 miles and turn right on Caza Turn Road. Look for an obscure road into the woods just prior to the houses. This is the unmarked trailhead.


Bass Lake has beautiful scenery with rocky cliffs. The 1.4 mile hike to the lake leads to a lovely rocky shoreline suitable for casting if a boat was not brought. Bass Lake also has the status of a "reclaimed trout pond" since 1994, which means the use of fish as bait is illegal.

The shortest access for Bass Lake is from the western trailhead outlined above. The trail along the southern shore gets close to several sections of the lake. Faint paths can also access other sections. Some areas of shore have dense vegetation.

The east end of the lake is the deepest part of the lake and can be casted to from the eastern shore.

Always follow New York state fishing regulations, and be sure to pick up a NYS Freshwater Fishing Guide at your local outfitters or regional NYSDEC office.

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  • Brook Trout

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