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Escape the Elements Summer Screening Series

Need to escape from the heat or rain? Join us at the Adirondack Interpretive Center Sunday’s at 1pm and enjoy a one of our selected PBS Nature episodes! Feel free to bring a comfier camp chair as well as snacks and drinks (Non-alcoholic beverages only, please)!

July 7th – H is For Hawk

Helen Macdonald’s best-selling book H Is for Hawk told the saga of a grieving daughter who found healing in training a goshawk. Now she digs deeper into the world of these raptors by following a family in the wild and raising a goshawk of her own.

July 14th – Woodpeckers The Hole Story

Get an intimate look at what makes woodpeckers so special. Explore their unique abilities and intimate stories from around the world. Narrated by Paul Giamatti.

July 21st – Leave it to Beavers

A growing number of scientists, conservationists and grass-roots environmentalists now regard beavers as overlooked tools when it comes to reversing the disastrous effects of global warming and worldwide water shortages. Using their skills as natural builders and brilliant hydro-engineers, beavers can transform and revive landscapes.

July 28th – Fox Tales

Discover the red fox, an intelligent and adaptable canid that is thriving in cities and pushing northward into the territory of its arctic cousins.

August 4th – Season of the Osprey

A veteran pair of ospreys return home to a Connecticut saltmarsh. Over one summer they must battle their enemies, withstand the elements, and hunt hundreds of fish, all to raise the next generation of these consummate sea hawks.

August 11th – A Squirrel’s Guide to Success

The squirrel family – from tiny chipmunks to big prairie dogs – is one of the most widespread on Earth. There are almost 300 species of squirrels that can glide through the air, outwit rattlesnakes, and survive the coldest temperatures of any mammal. Discover the secrets to their success.

August 18th – Charlie and the Curious Otters

Filmmaker Charlie Hamilton James follows the story of three, curious river otter orphans in Wisconsin and visits otters all over the globe. Join Charlie as he uncovers the secrets to the otter’s survival with innovative experiments, cameras and CGI.


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