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A historic loop

This short out-and-back ride into an historic great camp is one to savor.

How to get there

The entrance to Camp Santanoni (Santanoni Preserve) is located on the Newcomb Lake Road in the Town of Newcomb. There is a sign on NYS Route 28N identifying the intersection. (Coordinates: 43.972526, -74.163974)

Ride through history

This ride will take longer than you expect, not because it’s difficult, but because there’s just so much to see at this captivating historic site. You will know this isn’t your ordinary ride the moment you cross a small river that connects Belden and Harris Lakes and catch sight of the enchanting stone and wooden guard house. Since parking and the start of the ride are up the hill and beyond the guard house, you will almost certainly begin this ride by going in the wrong direction as you will want to see this building. And this is just the start. As you hop on your bike and head into the woods, you pedal up a gentle hill toward your destination. Along the way you pass over one stone bridge after another including trickling streams and a roaring brook. In less than a mile, you pass by the old farmhouse and remains of historic barns where you will undoubtedly stop to read the exhibits and enjoy cozy homestead.

The road then ride climbs to a height of land approximately 2 miles beyond the farm, and it is then pretty much downhill all the way to historic Camp Santanoni. At the camp you can park your bike in the available bike rack and spend several hours soaking in the historic structures, reading about life in this remote camp in the late-19th and early 20th centuries, and the influence of Japanese architecture on the design of the camp itself. After enjoying the sights, return back the way you came.

By the numbers

  • Level of Difficulty: Easy
  • Route length: 9 miles (14.5 kilometers)
  • Elevation: 692 feet (211 meters)
  • One lane dirt road

Additional info

A few additional notes about this ride: Electric bicycles are not permitted. Also, the road is shared with horses and is a very popular walking trail; bicyclists must yield to both. For safety’s sake should you meet a horse on your journey you should stop and stand quietly at the edge of the road until the horse passes. You also must be mindful of your speed, especially on the downhills as you will likely encounter other trail users during this trip. The first half of this dirt road is in very good shape and then becomes more rugged as you descend to the camp.


Ride With GPS Link 

Due to limited cellular coverage, please be sure to download this route and save for offline use before you leave home.


two men bike across a wood bridge. guard lodge on a sunny day two men bike past historic buildings overhead shot of great camp next to a lake

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