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The place to stay for hiking, with many trailheads in the complex and only minutes from Exit 30 on the Route 87 Northway. This is the perfect campground to get away from it all.

How to get there

Located in North Hudson, Sharp Bridge's location is ideal for day hiking trips.

The campground

Wonderful boating opportunities on the west shore of the Schroon River. Equipment from tents to 25' RVs, picnic area, firewood sales, showers, trailer dumping station. More opportunities exist nearby. Courtney Pond and Dead Water Pond - canoes only - are three miles away. Schroon Lake and Paradox Lake, perfect for larger boats, are 10-20 miles away. There is a campground fee.

A wooded campground A yellow and brown campground sign A wooded portion of a slow-moving river. A defined trail through a pine forest. A small body of water in the forest. A yellow and brown trail register station.

Accessibility Information