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My name is Anthony. My wife and family moved back to Schroon Lake a few years ago and we wanted to continue to offer welding and fabrication to our community of friends here in the Adirondacks. While I have only been welding full time since 2015 I am not new to the game (BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 then 11 years as an officer in the USAF before going to welding school). As with many local businesses my main goal is to offer honest advice, quality work at a reasonable price.

We offer drop-off and on site welding, fabrication and repair. We are able to weld steel in addition to common stainless steels as well as Aluminum.  We offer Stick, TIG and MIG welding processes to meet the customer's need for their project. Some examples of previous customer projects; Trailers (everything from the ground up), Work vehicles (accessories, wiring, welding, hitch work), custom dock fabrication and repair, lawn mower deck repair, snow plow/blower repair, pipe welding, wood chipper repair, lawn chair repair, motor exhaust repair, aluminum boat welding, auxiliary fuel tank repair/installation, fireplace repair. If it's a weldable metal and can safely be repaired give us a call to discuss. Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of some of our projects over the years. Prices can vary but $65 an hour plus materials is a good starting point if you are looking at a budget, minimum is typically 1 hour.

Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Pitkin

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