2022 Pant Pedal Paddle

  • Saturday, July 2, 2022 - 8:00am

This year's Pant, Pedal, Paddle race will be held on the morning of Minerva Day, July 2nd! We hope you'll join the fun!

How it works:
- Gather a team of 3-4 people: 1 runner; 1 biker; and 1 or 2 paddlers
- Runners start at the Olmstedville Dam for a 3.4-mile run, ending at the top of Berggren Hill on Trout Brook Road where they meet their biker teammate.
- Bikers then begin their trek on a 10.4-mile bike ride, ending at the Minerva Transfer Station where they meet their paddler(s).
- Paddlers load into Minerva Stream for a 3.7-mile paddle back to the start of the course, finishing at the Olmstedville Dam. (See the cover photo for the route).

Participants should arrive for registration at 7:30am. Awards will be given out at 12 noon. Staff will wait for any participants still on the course, but may miss the end celebrations if still paddling after noon. (More reason to hustle and try to win!!)

We encourage participants and spectators to join us for the 8am start and 12 noon finish and awards ceremony, both at the Olmstedville Dam.

$10 entry fee for ages 14-17 (per person); $20 for 18+. Teams are 4 people max. If you want to do it Ironman/Ironwoman-style, sign up to do all three legs yourself! (All participants must be 14 years or older).

Please spread the word and help us keep this great tradition alive!

The official sign-up sheet is posted here and will also be available at the Minerva Town Hall. Feel free to mark "Going" on this event page if you intend to sign up.