To a lot of people, winter is not a season for fun. But maybe... you just haven't gone to the right place, or tried it in the right way.
Sometimes, it can be amazing to simply shift your perspective.

Fun bundling

There's a saying in the Adirondacks that goes, "There's no bad weather, only bad dressing for it." I have found this to be very true.

A warm coat that covers your whole torso, attention to shutting down drafts with proper scarving and gloving, boots with thick socks, and a flattering hat does a lot to keep us warm and cozy — while still allowing you to enjoy the invigorating air and gentle sounds of winter.

In addition, a lot of our winter weather is much less chilly than it looks. The alpine climate has dry air, which does not conduct the cold. A sunny day with no wind means coat open and sunglasses on, in great comfort.

Don't look at the temperature number. Look at what the trees are doing. The still air of winter keeps the chill enclosed, just as the moisture in the air has been locked into the frost, snow, and ice.

See what you're missing by lurking indoors during the chill?

There's a special diamond brightness to the Adirondack winter landscape. To see bare trees sparkling against a clear blue sky is something we can only truly experience by getting outdoors and taking it all in.

Add the right elements to your wardrobe choices and you might be surprised by how warm and happy we can be, to the point where you can loosen up and shed layers as your bodies adapt.

Find out more about dressing for the weather with the blog Sledding Fashion.

Consult an expert

Another good tactic to get started is to attend a fun event designed to get the most out of winter. For instance, you can attend Newcomb's Winter Fest to enjoy guided activities with a bunch of great people.

Gore Mountain is a great place to get started. Even if that is from the very beginning.

Rent the gear you need, from easy snowshoeing, to exploring trails on cross-country skis, to racing down the mountain. There are all kinds of levels to try.

There are places to warm up, eat, and socialize all over the complex. By moving from one activity to another, from indoors to outdoors, you never push comfort boundaries. It's ideal for a mixed group of enthusiasts.

The ones who are already involved in winter fun can indulge as much as they want, and the ones who want to enjoy snacks and a good book by the fire, can indulge as much as they want. Everybody can have a good time at their own speed.

Even something like ice fishing is a lot warmer than you might think. The winter days that are great for ice fishing create a kind of balanced weather where it's actually warm, out there on the ice. The bright sun of February and March and the insulating qualities of ice make for a lot of comfort along with the fun activities.

Another fantastic winter outing is also easy to learn, and that's snowshoeing. Cloudsplitter Outfitters, the Adirondack Interpretive Center at Newcomb, and Natural Stone Bridge & Caves have snowshoes available and many groomed and well-marked trails to explore.

Once you are comfortable on snowshoes, most trails that can be explored in the summer becomes a whole new trail in the winter.

Another Adirondack motto is to not let the weather stop us.

Take it easy

There's another enjoyable aspect to having a fun time in the winter. I'm talking about hearty food and lots of it.

There are some wonderful diners, bistros, and pubs to satsify that special winter appetite. It's not only the fun activities that are burning up our energies, it is also our body keeping us warm. This creates a demand for fuel, and a happy, questing, appetite is the result.
It's a very special, very alive, feeling to pile into a booth and see that everything on the menu looks so good. That winter meal, where you're enjoying your body warming up while having so many options to build a new fire in your internal furnace, is one of the delights of this season.

I understand. I didn't used to be a winter fan. And then I moved to the Adirondacks.

If you haven't enjoyed winter before, maybe you should try our version. It is so much better.

Choose cozy lodging. Pick some indulgent dining. Enlist the help of a guide.

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