One of the most convenient communities to visit in the world is Schroon Lake, adirondacks, usa. It’s located right off Interstate 87, so if you’re headed between New York City or Albany and Plattsburgh or Montreal, you’ve got a great place to stop for gas, shopping, food, and great views.


On a recent trip south with friends, we decided to stop in Schroon Lake to get gasoline. Then one of them spotted Flanagan’s Pub and Grill right across the street.


Have I mentioned that I’m easily influenced by friends (and sometimes by subliminal advertising)?


It was nearly the end of January, and I was quite proud of myself for refraining from eating anything that could be categorized as “pub food” so far this new year. It wasn’t an official resolution, but a sort of…guideline.


So, we decided to go in to check the place out.


The place is warm and inviting, and obviously popular. There were lots of folks there taking a break from ice fishing or snowmobiling, as the gear and helmets would indicate.



We bellied up to the bar, a phrase I’ve never before typed, and asked the bartender if they had any beer on tap.



She quickly listed off more options than I could absorb, but I remembered seeing something on the way in...



So even though I’m on a sort of an IPA kick, I ordered a Guinness. My cohorts each chose different options from the long list.


We chatted with the bartender, and noticed that the bar and many of the walls were lined with dollar bills with messages on them.



Of course, we added to the collection. Our bartender had a sharpie and stapler at the ready.




It was a quick visit; we took a look at the menu for future reference. As we were headed to an event, we refrained from ordering food, despite the enticing fact that the menu said “The Best Wings in the Adirondacks.”

On the way out, we saw a number of ice fisherpeople pulling their gear off the lake for the day, and guessed where they were headed.



And again

The very next day, headed north this time, I found myself feeling somewhat famished just as we approached exit 27. I didn’t need gasoline this time, but I remembered seeing something recently…



So I stopped in Schroon Lake near the grandstand in the town park, which happened to be full of snowmobilers who DID need gasoline. I followed a few of them to their destination.



And broke my resolution.



I went for the medium-level hot wings, and was provided with two accompanying glasses of water. It was. So. Good.


I’m guessing I’ll find myself conveniently parked in front of Flanagan’s again in the future. Of course, there are a number of great eateries in the region, so be sure to explore them all - I mean, there's always breakfast at Pitkin's and dessert at Sticks and Stones, and...

I’m sure some of them would even take an order for salad and water, but do feel free to follow your instincts.


And don't forget to find a place to stay!



-Kim Rielly is the director of communications for the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism

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