This past spring, my husband and I rode our motorcycles down and back up the Blue Ridge Parkway — in its entirety — as part of our trip to visit my mother in Hilton Head, S.C. It was early in the season, and we had the 400-mile scenic highway almost entirely to ourselves.

Now that warm weather has arrived, we frequent the Adirondack’s own Blue Ridge Road during our recreational travels on two wheels. And, despite its scenic beauty and popularity with those "in the know," we often have it all to ourselves, too. This is a must-ride, and a highlight of the route from Newcomb to Schroon Lake.

Here’s the route:

Depart Newcomb on 28N toward Minerva.

Shortly after passing the hamlet of Tahawus, the Blue Ridge Road (County Route 84) is on the left.

This 19-mile road is a treat — there is a mix of fun corners and wide open, scenic straightaways. One of the straight areas is near the Adirondack Buffalo Company, with outstanding views across fields to the south.

You'll share the road with a variety of other outdoor lovers. Biking in the Schroon Region is popular for a reason — it's a great base camp with a range of roads for your Adirondack adventures.

Eventually, the road ends just after crossing under Interstate 87 in the town of North Hudson near the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground and the former entrance to Frontier Town, (which is, incidentally, where I recently launched my kayak to paddle the Schroon River!)

The end of the road intersects with Route 9. Take a right and travel several miles, going straight at the blinking red light into Schroon Lake. It’s fun to ride through town, but I always take a short diversion to see the views of the lake, park, and beach on Dock Street.

Dock Street loops back to Route 9. From here, one can ride the Adirondack Marathon route, which circumnavigates Schroon Lake itself, (but do it in the opposite direction compared to the runners).

Head south on Route 9 for about 8 miles, and take a left onto Schroon River Road. This soon intersects with Adirondack Road and swings around the base of the lake. Follow Adirondack Road to the hamlet of Adirondack, and take a left at the General Store to continue on Adirondack Road.

Follow this windy, rolling road all the way to the northern end of the lake and take a left onto Alder Meadow Road. This takes you back to Route 9.

Take a right to follow Route 9 north until you arrive at the blinking red light, and take a right onto Route 74. This is a nice ride that passes Paradox Lake, and then crosses a causeway over Eagle Lake. The road ends in a long downhill with views of Lake Champlain as you descend into Ticonderoga, where Route 74 meets 9N and 22 at an intersection with a red light.

Feel free to explore Ticonderoga, and then follow this link to the continuation of this ride into the Lake Champlain Region!

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