It's no paradox: beer and pretzels do, indeed, pair well with happy hour.

So, I happened to be driving down the Adirondack Northway (I-87) on a recent, very hot, Friday afternoon when it occured to me that a stop at Paradox Brewery was in order. It's right at the base of Exit 27, how very, very convenient! Now, I have been here before - and I've written about that experience - but it was late fall, the weather was much chillier, and the indoor tasting room was my destination. It was certainly time to indulge in a new brew in the outdoor tented area that I've been hearing so much about from my co-workers.

Of course, I always feel the need to justify myself, and I often overthink my decisions. If you're like me, I'm going to help you out - read on for the top 3 reasons you NEED to stop by Paradox Brewery. Soon!

#3: You enjoy a cool, laid-back vibe...

When you pull up to the Paradox Brewery, you are immediately put at ease by the fun, tie-dye adorned, decor. A giant bear is onsight to greet you (and collect your garbage), and the beertenders are on the ball.

You can choose to grab a picnic table, belly up to the bar, or grab some friends and play a few rounds of corn hole.

Sidenote:Take a minute to check out their awesome handcrafted taps - awesome little Adirondack details really add to the fun experience!

#2: You like fun, friendly people...

When I arrived there were several cars pulling out and for a moment I was alone with the staff. Lucky for me - I got to ask lots of questions, and they were more than willing to discuss in detail what makes each beer special and unique. (I won't even try to begin to explain - you need to experience it for yourself, and I wouldn't do the descriptions justice!)

Of course, as is the trend at small breweries, the crowds ebb and flow. Within minutes, I was joined by a new group of beer enthusiasts. I met several visitors that decided to stop for a quick tasting while they were passing through town, a group of hikers that were relaxing after a day on the trail, and a fun group of locals that were filling up their personal growlers to take home.

Sidenote, if you are shy, like me: the great thing about beer-tasters are that they are generally quite friendly and willing to talk - even to strange girls that randomly ask to take their picture![/i]

#1: Shall I spell it out? B-E-E-R!

Here's the thing: I like beer. Here's the other thing: I know nothing about beer. While I enjoy the taste of a good microbrew, I in no way, shape, or form would ever be able to tell you what the distinctive flavors are in a given brew. I also have no problem asking for the details. Luckily, these ladies were ready to pour out the details.

One of my favorite things to order is a sampler. Here at Paradox the flight consists of 6 small glasses ranging from dark to light. The bartenders give you a run down of what you are tasting, and there is an awesome detailed chalkboard to refer to as well. You learn about the alcohol content, the flavors that are used to enhance each separate beer, and even a little history. All that being said, I like the dark ones. And the light ones. Not the flowery ones. I do enjoy some of the seasonal brews (Pumpkin is next up on the docket here!). And, I highly recommend a yummy pretzel (mustard optional) to cleanse your palate.

Sidenote: Now that I think about it, it might be time to make another visit - the Pumpkin and Oktoberfest brews should be on tap by now. It seems like it would be irresponsible of me not to report in on them. Who's with me!?

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the Adirondacks and the Schroon Lake Region has great places to stay for the night. Plan to visit Paradox Brewery for a sampler and then enjoy a pint or two of your new favorite local brew at one of our great restaurants. That's right, when the Brewery is closed for the night, you can grab a pint at the local restaurants (actually, these days, you can grab a pint all the way down into Orange County). What are you waiting for?

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